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Linea Donatella I Do Lingerie Cake Slice Boxed Feature August 27

Linea Donatella® Wedding Cake Boxed Lingerie

The “I Do” can have many meanings, but lingerie boxed as slices of Wedding Cake narrows and focuses the meaning. The entire proposition is multi-layer and multi-faceted with the wedge-shaped boxes staked cake-like only part of the merchandising. Step through the gallery of images and related linked threads below. Follow Linea Donatello at… “Linea Donatella® […]

Marc Jacobs Decadence Fragrance Clutch Feature August 26

Marc Jacobs® Fragrance Clutch As Miniature Carry-On

Many women shop fragrances by the premiums offered. Often the promotion is a bag, but here Marc Jacobs® carries it to an extreme with a miniature Clutch with Purse Charm as fragrance carry-on. It is all the more unusual when most other fragrance premiums are oversize bags or large carries. Click through the gallery of images […]

Otter Box Size Determination Samples Feature August 24

How To Select Otterbox® SmartPhone Protection

Which size and style Otterbox® protection does your SmartPhone need: Defender or Symmetry? Shoppers have a much better idea upon seeing these dummy demo cellphones as part of a Otterbox Point-Of-Purchase display. Take my word for it that a photo of the phone has nowhere near the effect of a real physical object. Walk through the display […]

iRobot Mopping Robot POP Display Feature August 18

iRobot® Braava Mopping Robot On Display

iRobot point-of-purchase displays have been reviewed before. This is an incremental addition as Braava Jet Mopping Robots are rolled out as stand alone promotions. Note in particular the faux floor surface appears to be wood communicating fine floors accept the unit. The curved cyc wall insures the wood floor look is seen from all angles […]

Rope Suspension Sweet Tea Display Feature 1 August 15

Rope Suspension Display For Gold Peak Sweet Tea

An integral rope suspension system takes up the load on this creative Gold Peak Sweet Tea free standing display. Look close to see that it actually folds for shipping. I am not sure how they tie the rope knots accurately and regular enough to get this to work, but tie they did. And what money they […]

Sweet Teal Made-To-Order Wireform Dividers Feature August 15

Made-To-Order Dividers Upgrade Wood Shelf Unit

As if a rope supported wood shelf system was not unusual enough, this Gold Peak Sweet Tea Point-of-Purchase Display also includes custom Wire Divider insert for upper shelves. The divides keep the personal-size beverages neat and organized. A Wire front productstop keeps bottles from toppling off in that direction. No dividers are provided on bottom shelves […]

Sharpie Mr Sketch PaperMate Back-to-School Display Feature August 11

Sharpies® and Ilk Pitch the Back-To-School Market

Here Sharpies®, Mr. Sketch and PaperMate® all pitch the Back-To-School market as a group in a half-size EndCap display featuring both bulk and carded offerings. The brands are making a particularly good run at sales this season; their displays having also been chronicled in Full Endcap size. First step through the gallery of images here. Then […]

Color Code CloseUp Feature August 11

Fruity Names Assigned to Color Coded Scented Pens

If your markers are “Scented” then naming and color coding them via a rational scheme is to your benefit. Here 6 versions of scented marker are labeled Licorice, Grape, Blueberry, Mint, Banana and Cherry. The names obviously work well for both the smell and the color. Why scent a marker? If you’re going to give […]

Graphique Back-to-School Journal Calendars Feature August 11

Back-to-School Journal Magazine-Slipcase As Merchandising

Though Magazine Slipcase Shaped overall, these corrugated cartons present Graphique® Back-to-School Journals and Calendars front-face-forward for best effect. The choice of cover designs and colors is fanned out, this the Graphique branding front and center. Check out from various distances in the gallery of images. Seen at Bed Bath and Beyond. Follow Magazine Slipcase-Style merchandising […]

Balloon Tree JFK Concourse Feature August 08

Freestanding Balloon Tree Spells Out Its Sell Vertically

A creative custom fixture that quite naturally displays and merchandises the Balloons, while clearly signing its wares vertically at the base. This is possibly the best Balloon display that I have seen in my retail travels. See the inner workings above and from various distances in the gallery below. On display in the retail concourse […]

Dorm Rug Equip Your Space Pallet Display Feature August 07

Equip Your Personal Space, Dorm Rug Pallet Display

A Linoleum dorm room floor is far too cold and primitive for civilized living. This Pallet-size Bed Bath and Beyond® point-of-purchase display urges you to equip your space with a Dorn Rug. Ahhhh. Now that’s much better. See details of the Wire Grid Divider System above, and various views of the display below. #   […]

Cosmetics Organizer Self-Sells Feature July 28

Cosmetics Organizer Makes A Spectacle of Itself

Contemporary in design this Cosmetics Organizer Tray is interesting enough to be its own “Attention Compelling” point-of-purchase display if allowed to stand upright on the shelf. I don’t even use cosmetics and I was forced to take notice. Check out the appeal from various angles in the gallery of images. What to do and how to […]

Cosmetics Organizer Echoes Contemporary Art To Shelf Edge Feature July 28

Cosmetics Organizer Echoes Art To Shelf Edge

Though the Cosmetic Organizer design speaker for itself, the contemporary graphics are echoed to Shelf-Edge in case retail space is tight, and Trays are stacked flat. Step through the gallery of images to see that this Shelf Edge addition is serious business in terms of size and construction. There must be some money to be […]

Skydiver Seasickness Cross Sell Feature July 24

Cross-Selling Seasickness Remedy to Skydivers

Be creative in your on-site cross-sells, as here where Pocono Skydivers sells Sea Band® Nausea Relief to Parachutists. If you think about it, the ride (fall?) down is pretty smooth and in a straight line. The flight up might be curvy-wurvy, bouncy, and filled with air-current induced ups-and-downs. Also probably a lot less mess to […]

Corrugated Moose 1 June 30

Corrugated Moose Proves Best Visual for Sporting Goods

If you support Animal Rights and reservation of species, consider this corrugated approach to Animal Head Trophies, vs Taxidermy of the real thing from some poor lost soul of a creature. I think equally impressive and far better for the planet since corrugated is both renewable and recyclable. Animals themselves, somewhat, but not so much. […]

Black & Decker Lawn & Garden Dalek Display Front2 June 22

Daleks® Overrun Black & Decker® In-Store Promotion

Too many years of watching late-night episodes of Dr Who (First broadcast 1963 with) makes me see Daleks in the polygonal shape of this Black & Decker lawn and garden power tool display. The unique multi-face shape allowed presentation of different tools on each side, in this case 3 but a total of 5 available. I would […]

Star Wars Full Size POP Display Square June 09

Star Wars® Full-Size Mega Point-of-Purchase Display

As mega-event, Star Wars® in-store movie sales deserve an appropriate corrugated mega Point-of-Purchase display. This one takes up as much physical space as a gondola-and-one-half. Irregular, angular, and very 3D, it plays up the characters, with actual product a footnote at the bottom of the display. You will be drawn by the force of the actors, […]

Star Wars Half Size POP Feature June 09

Star Wars® Mega Point-of-Purchase Display Cut In Half

Small store or just the wrong market demographic for full-size Star Wars® mega display, there’s a half-size (or less) Point-of-Purchase Floor Display that fills the bill. Irregular, angular shapes carry forward the mega display visual theme so they reinforce each other when encountered over time. Possible because of smaller physical size, the movie merchandise takes up […]

Star Wars Trooper Door Cling Display Square 2 June 09

Use The Star Wars® Force to Open Retail Store Doors

What fun for fans. The automatic-open store doors are are guarded by Star Wars® Imperial Storm Troopers, but opened by tapping into “The Force.” How do you know? The window cling promotion quite clearly says so. The entry door promotion puts Star Wars® top-of-mind early in the shopping excursion, and sets up Point-of-Purchase movie displays inside the […]

Star Wars POP Corrugated Drop Shadow Feature2 June 09

Star Wars® Point-of-Purchase Corrugated Drop Shadow

“Star Wars®: The Force Awakens” as a sign masthead is not only Blacklined on its own level, but silhouetted, elevated above the background plane, and creatively Drop-Shadowed for greater impact. I might argue that drop shadowing a black object in the foreground against a black background produces minimal visual result, but in advertising and promotion, […]


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