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Corrugated Moose 1 June 30

Corrugated Moose Proves Best Visual for Sporting Goods

If you support Animal Rights and reservation of species, consider this corrugated approach to Animal Head Trophies, vs Taxidermy of the real thing from some poor lost soul of a creature. I think equally impressive and far better for the planet since corrugated is both renewable and recyclable. Animals themselves, somewhat, but not so much. […]

Black & Decker Lawn & Garden Dalek Display Front2 June 22

Daleks® Overrun Black & Decker® In-Store Promotion

Too many years of watching late-night episodes of Dr Who (First broadcast 1963 with) makes me see Daleks in the polygonal shape of this Black & Decker lawn and garden power tool display. The unique multi-face shape allowed presentation of different tools on each side, in this case 3 but a total of 5 available. I would […]

Star Wars Full Size POP Display Square June 09

Star Wars® Full-Size Mega Point-of-Purchase Display

As mega-event, Star Wars® in-store movie sales deserve an appropriate corrugated mega Point-of-Purchase display. This one takes up as much physical space as a gondola-and-one-half. Irregular, angular, and very 3D, it plays up the characters, with actual product a footnote at the bottom of the display. You will be drawn by the force of the actors, […]

Star Wars Half Size POP Feature June 09

Star Wars® Mega Point-of-Purchase Display Cut In Half

Small store or just the wrong market demographic for full-size Star Wars® mega display, there’s a half-size (or less) Point-of-Purchase Floor Display that fills the bill. Irregular, angular shapes carry forward the mega display visual theme so they reinforce each other when encountered over time. Possible because of smaller physical size, the movie merchandise takes up […]

Star Wars Trooper Door Cling Display Square 2 June 09

Use The Star Wars® Force to Open Retail Store Doors

What fun for fans. The automatic-open store doors are are guarded by Star Wars® Imperial Storm Troopers, but opened by tapping into “The Force.” How do you know? The window cling promotion quite clearly says so. The entry door promotion puts Star Wars® top-of-mind early in the shopping excursion, and sets up Point-of-Purchase movie displays inside the […]

Star Wars POP Corrugated Drop Shadow Feature2 June 09

Star Wars® Point-of-Purchase Corrugated Drop Shadow

“Star Wars®: The Force Awakens” as a sign masthead is not only Blacklined on its own level, but silhouetted, elevated above the background plane, and creatively Drop-Shadowed for greater impact. I might argue that drop shadowing a black object in the foreground against a black background produces minimal visual result, but in advertising and promotion, […]

Zircon Stud Finder Try Me Feature May 11

Magical Zircon® Stud Finder Stars In Store Try-Me

Long gone are the simple days of rapping on the wall with your knuckle to “sound out” the location of a wall stud. Now you can electronically plumb for stud edges, stud center, or total metal studs behind the wall. How? Well there is an in-store Try-Me from Zircon® for that. Though it tries to communicate a […]

Gallon Paint Can Stacker Feature May 11

Do-It® Circular Stacker For Paint Can Merchandising

DoIt® creates an instant display of gallon paint cans anywhere by simply stacking a tower. And to insure stability, build in a Circular Stacker Tray as a cross tie. Open design saves on material, weight, and cost and allows dirt to fall through. And a set of these Stacker Trays collapses to the smallest possible shipping […]

Babies R Us Baby Jogger Green Floor Graphic Feature May 10

Babies R Us: Baby Jogger Color Floor Graphic Color Coded

A green commercial-grade carpet runner defines the point-of-purchase selling space for this Babies R Us® City Premier Baby Jogger. The Baby Jogger Logo personalizes the merchandise parking space, while the green color fixes the item position in the constellation of store-wide color-coded offerings. Step through the gallery to consider the display proposition and floor graphic […]

Babies R Us Try Me Floor Graphic Feature May 10

Best Way to Violate A Store-Wide Color Code Scheme

What happen if you go it alone, and decide to violate the color coding conventions of your host store? Here you see it helps this “Pockit” Stoller point-of-purchase display stand out, and possibly sell out, since the item itself is nowhere to be seen. Because Babies R Us® store color codes range so far, Pockit uses […]

Coke Original Bottle Design Feature May 09

Coke® Original Bottle Designs Offers Millions of New Looks

On display, on sale. Coke Original Bottle Designs produced just for you. So spin the spinner and take your pick. If you pick well, you may have an artistic investment that appreciates and is worth more than mere recycle or deposit value. Or to be safe, taken ’em all. One must eventually be worth something. […]

Coke Recycles Entire Display Feature May 09

Coke® Upcycles Spinner Design From Red to White

Talk about efficiency. Why recycle only cans and bottles at the downstream end on of consumption, when you can recycle the entire design and promotional concept at the upstream end? This spinner seen before in red, but here rolled out in white with upgraded circular C-Channel Productstop. Step through the gallery of images to inspect, […]

Ethnic Tech - Quran Talking Pen Feature May 08

Koran Talking Pen Marketing in Ethnic Grocery

If you see a retailing opportunity, grab it. One of the strengths of 37 year old Nouri’s Bro Syrian Grocery is that it is far more than a neighborhood grocery. See here point-of-purchase for state-of-the art technology in the form of a Quran Talking Pen. Browse the gallery of images to consider the item. Then scroll down for posts […]

DeWalt® Saw Blade Case-Load Lots Feature May 01

DeWalt® Case Lot Easily Dominates Saw Aisle Traffic

DeWalt® must know when seasonal Circular Saw Blade sales peak in order to support sales with case-lot point-of-purchase offerings. Cases are brilliantly yellow branded, stackable, and offer corrugated inserts to organize, face and billboard the product. Placement of the stack at aisle ends short-circuits other mid-aisle brand access to customer eyes and wallets. See from […]

KitchenAid Mixed Attachment Display CloseUp April 20

KitchenAid® Mixer Attachments Wall

A second approach to KitchenAid® Mixer Accessory Display and sale reviewed by FixturesCloseUp. This promotion fills a small wall, and offers touchy-feely access to the attachments themselves. Quality-wise I was drawn to the logo-embossed all-metal Grain Mill, but I assume others where white for a reason. Sales were supported by boxed stock on shelves below […]

KitchenAid Mixer Literature Holder Feature April 20

KitchenAid® Cookbook Corrugated Holder

Almost as an aside, KitchenAid® offers a Stand Mixer Cookbook with its full display of KitchenAid Mixer Attachments. While the overall display is permanent, the Cookbook Literature Holder itself is of temporary corrugated Magazine Case design and construction. A sales motivator in its own right, would you have put more emphasis on the Cookbook giveaway or […]

Alden® Adjustable Focus Eyewear Feature April 19

Adjustable-Focus Glasses for the Masses

Aldens® leaps over optometrist and optician specialty retail and drug store reading glasses retailing with focusing eyeglass point-of-purchase in Convenience Store. Eyewear now comes to the masses! Very much a serve yourself setup that tells all and includes a video presentation to bolster the printed features and benefits. Two suggestions. Auto-sense customer approach to engage […]

Alden® Adjustable Focus Eyewear Try Me Feature April 19

Adjustable-Focus Eyeglass Try-Me Details

The entire display was reviewed separately, but with a product definitely requiring a test drive, separate attention paid here to the Try-Me aspects of this display. “Try Me” and “Try It Now” offers are prominent, with reading-chart-style “…read this line” at the ready in various sizes. The eyeglasses were oriented correctly to try on, but looked […]

Fructis Double Stack Merchandising Feature April 18

Fructis® Double-Stacked Merchandiser

As if “Mess Maker” “Power Gel” and “Power Putty” weren’t enough to command attention,  Garnier® Fructis® employs singe- and double-wide, double-stacked display and shelf management outfitting to take control of the shelf and shopper outreach. The double-stacked effect was what originally cried out for fixture documentation. Only later was the use of both single- and […]

Toilet Seat Cashwrap Display Feature April 13

Toilet Seat Display at Cashwrap

As peak toilet seat sales season approaches, its time to command merchandising attention at the entry to the cahwrap lanes (Restroom entries a good second bet). The high-visibility location is sure to boost sales. And as customers wait in line they have time to consider the fine points of your offer. Here prices as low […]


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