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Hand Cart Car Park Aux August 01

Crowded Hand Truck Parking Venue As In-Store Merchandising

Show off your assortment with a Car-Park-like display of mobile moving might. I counted 5 sizes and styles, more than encountered elsewhere. Arranging by height helped emphasize the differences in a natural way. A cable corralled all and kept any from toppling into the aisle. #   #   # For related Retail Work Cart […]

SlimLine FlreeStanding SlatGrid PowerWing Feature June 18

SlimLine Unit Is Free-Standing SlatGrid PowerWing

What would a shallow-depth, Slatgrid PowerWing look like if it were freestanding? Just like this SlimLine hardware unit, I venture to guess. SlatGrid allows merchandising of hooked and carded materials from back, inside and outside wing-walls. But shelves are also a prominent possibility. Best of all it is light, highly mobile, and stands alone wherever […]

Mid-Size FlreeStanding SlatGrid PowerWing Square 2 June 18

Mid-Size Unit Is Free-Standing SlatGrid PowerWing

Possibly inspired by a similar but smaller SlimLine design, this Mid-Size unit offers much of the functionality of a PowerWing, only in a doubles-width free-standing execution.  SlatGrid allows merchandising of hooked and carded materials from back, inside and outside wing-walls. Though not in use here, Shelves and Ledges are a possibility. Depth, while modest, is […]

Leaf Rake Sidewall Double-Prong Wall Mount 3a June 18

Create Leaf Rake Merchandisers With Shelf Supports

If Double-Arm Utility and ordinary Mop and Broom Hooks are just not massive enough, try this use of bolt-on Shelf Support as merchandising fixture in Lawn and Garden. A bit of overkill in my mind, but then if fully stocked before I took this picture, maybe massed display provided for increased sales in pre-peak Leaf […]

Do-It-Yourself Wood Plank Sign Holder Feature June 18

Do-It-Yourself 2×6 Upright Wood Sign Holder

    Simple, direct, inexpensive and do-it-yourself describes these 2×6 Sign Stands. They get the job done with a minimum of muss and fuss. Step through the gallery of images to see that plastic sheet holders are stapled on front to provide a protective home for the in-store laser-printed signs. #   #   # […]

Plug In Bar Dividers Feature May 31

Plug-In Divider for Plank & Bar-Stock Merchandising

Suitable for organizing any material of length, these U-Shape Divider plug into the forward face of a Backbar System. Round-cornering eases the design, makes it pleasing to the eye, and offers contrast with the linear merchandise offered. Inspect the assemble via the gallery of images. Seen at Conygham Builders DoIt® Center. #   #   […]

Troy-Bilt Power Washer Sign Stands Feature2 May 26

Troy-Bilt® Power Washer Sign is Wire Stabilized

Given the heavy-duty nature of Troy-Bilt®, I would not have imagined such light-duty feet for overhead Sign Stand stabilization. But miracle or miracles, two footer units with cardboard upright held the Troy-Bilt Masthead without a problem. I suppose the long foot-length and contrary orientation provided all the stability necessary. But I still would have parked a power […]

Art of Merchandising Saws Main May 23

How to Merchandise Hand Saws in a Radial Arc

FixturesCloseUp documents Hand Saw outfitting is an ongoing thread. But as Director of MarCom for a major hook manufacturer (Trion) I sometimes need to add an advertising manager’s perspective to propping Hand Saw and tool sales. Hire me as creative director for in-store visual merchandising and this is what I might create for you … a radial […]

Blue Hawk Rubber Mallet Pegboard Hook Feature 2 May 23

Vertical Loop Hooks Take A Hit For Rubber Mallets

These Vertical Loop Product Arms provide support capability for even massive Sledge Hammer support. But as long as outfitting for hardware impact devices, why not use for lighter-weight offerings like Blue Hawk® Rubber Mallets too? The Metal Plate Label Holder rides side-saddle to convey product and price information without interfering with access to merchandise. See from […]

PVC Carpenters Pencil Merchandisers Feature May 23

Do-It-Yourself PVC Carpenter’s Pencil Merchandiser

If you are already selling PVC Pipe and Fittings be creative in coming up with Do-It-Yourself PVC store fixtures. These are the simplest of all, PVC couplings as containers for loose Carpenters Pencils and construction markers. But even the simplest concept can be made better, in this case using and angled coupling to better present […]

Long-Handle Garden Tool Pegboard Hooks Feature May 22

Long-Handle Garden Tools Hung Rank and File

Though diverse in design and use, an assortment of Pegboard Hooks makes short work of displaying Long-Handled Garden Tools. Various head designs from shovel, spade, rake, chopper, edging tool, and pitchfork are accommodated by only two type fixtures: Undulating Double Arm Utility Hooks and twin Straight Entry Scan Hooks, most deployed in pairs to create […]

Half-Height Extension Pole Merchandisers Feature May 22

Half-Height Extension Pole Merchandiser Hung High on Endcap

If Extension Poles are offered in full- as well as half-height, then you are going to need a half-height rack or merchandiser to accommodate. This add-on Pegboard Rack positions short Extension Polse at a similar end height as full, so as not to make them appear to be second-class citizens. It is subdivided to help keep offerings […]

Extension Pole Grid Dividers Feature May 22

Extension Pole Wire Grid Divider for Aisle Endcap

Massed and signed (though a bit low), this grouping of extension poles calls attention to itself, and cross sells a painting convenience accessory that may be forgotten right at the entrance to the aisle. This is an easy extra sale, because the sign reminds you of Extension Pole value, and you just know you are going […]

Guargantuan Debris Collector Feature May 20

Quickie Bulldozer® Bigger-is-Better Promotional Pitch

A Gargantuan Debris Collector it is. And Quickie Bulldozer® brand relies upon the oversize nature of the “dust pan” as the primary benefit and key to sales. Big and bright yellow it practically sells itself right out of the quarter-pallet, floor-standing box, but the label cum signage closes the deal by showing how well your […]

Key Cutter Sidesaddle Cross Sell Rack Feature May 13

Key Cutter Rack Sidesaddle Cross Sell Is Bolted On

The concept is sophisticated. Serve yourself and cut your own key. No skilled tradesman or locksmith necessary. On-screen video instruction too. But among the sophistication a simple rack for cross- and up-sell of accessories was not considered in the core design. Hence, hang one on side saddle to pick up those extra key ring, key […]

multi-brand power tool slatwall ledges Feature1 May 13

Do-It® Multi-Brand Power Tool Ledge for Slatwall

Trust a franchise like DoIt® Best to offer Power Tool ledges that accommodate multiple brands for the broadest choice to patrons. Here see DeWalt®, Porter Cable®, Black & Decker®, Bosch® and others cohabitating a single Slatwall Board. Similar size equipment from various brands all used the same Slatwall Ledge, through three ledge sizes were in use […]

Hand Saws Double Hooked Feature May 13

Horizontal Hand Saws Double Scan Hooked in Hardware

Hand Saws are seen as often merchandised horizontally as vertical, and hung from the handles as well as holes in the saw blade or carded hang tags. Add this horizontal example to the others below and look close to see the Stanley Saws are right-side-up, but Kobalt® saws up-side-down.  Hooks are variously Metal Plate Label Holder […]

Plier Metal Plate Strip Merchandiser Feature May 13

Strip Merchandising Pliers is Easy With Zip Ties

Lucky you if your are Marketing Manager for ViceGrips®, which can latch on to a Strip Merchandiser via their own capabilities. Pity the poor Marketer of traditional Pliers which are too loose and flip-floppy to manage that trick. Here multi-talented Zip Tie creates a solution. But no. Do not Zip Tie the Pliers directly to […]

Dewalt Drill Slatwall Hook Feature May 12

Threaded Anchor for DeWalt® Power Drill Hook

If Slatwall Tool Holders are prone to dislodge, one simple solution is to follow the lead of DeWalt® and provide for screw as permanent anchor. Product as well as hooks now stay in place. But please suggest a less-permanent, tool-free solution than Phillips-head Screws which would make re-merchandising a hassle, and damage display boards. Though […]

Irwin Bar Clamp Straight Entry Hook May 12

Irwin® Bar Clamps Are Straight-Entry Hook Hung

Holes built into these Irwin® Bar Clamps allow self-hanging storage in workshop, as well as in-store Hooked sale. Straight-Entry Hooks are this Building Supply house’s storewide standard, and therefore used here, even though tight placement not implemented. Endcap placement with sign indicates these are featured for promotional advantage. Look closer via the gallery of images. […]