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Eileen Fisher Omni-Directional Floor Graphic Feature August 30

Eileen Fisher® Floor Graphic Goes Omni-Directional

The floor graphic itself is simply “Eileen Fisher” spelled out in sans serif type, but “cater-corner” placement permits repetition in all directions for maximum outreach. All implementations were flush-left-and-right with perfect letterspacing and kerning, suggesting the graphic arrived as a carrier-based point-of-purchase support from Eileen herself, rather than laboriously hand placed by the retailer. Follow […]

Eileen Fisher Singular Floor Graphic Feature August 30

Eileen Fisher® Floor Graphic Is One-Directional

Eileen Fisher introduces herself here as floor graphic, so that you know just who created the flowing apparel just beyond. Glass vase hues foreground and hangered blouses background unify the presentation. Eileen Fisher typography is perfect … flush flush-left-and-righ, with letterspacing and kerning. Imagine if it were irregular and crooked? Not good for brand image or business. […]

A&F New Arrivals Easel Closeup Detail Square August 28

Abercrombie & Fitch® Easel Brands Its New Arrivals

The merchandise is the message in this Abercrombie and Fitch store-entry Easel use. The easel itself is contemporary design, the message framed, and a very straightforward “Jeans $39” as “New Arrivals.” Thumb through the gallery and images for details and do note the escape clause: “Select Styles, While Supplies Last” Note the A&F logo as branding. Follow […]

Contemporary Easel Feature August 28

Contemporary Easel Fit and Finish Design Details

  A contemporary concept store entry Easel might better convey the trendy aspects of your apparel offerings. Plus traditional Easels are so, so … well traditional. This modern design offers all the traditional bells-and-whistles, so no reason to go modern if it suits your branding and outreach strategy. Step through the gallery of images to […]

Formal Black Tie Store Closing Feature August 26

Black Tie Dress For The Ultimate Formal Store Closing

Don’t drop your style standards just because you are closing a store. Make it a formal, Black Tie affair and go out in a blaze of style and fashion. Signage was informal and do-it-yourself while the presentation was not. Follow store closings at… “Saks® Store Closing At The Short Hills Mall, Chatham, NJ” “Sakes® Store […]

Impulse Buy Navigation Feature August 25

Impulse Buy Navigation: This Way To Ralph Lauren On Level 2

Here impulse buying is important enough to merit a separate department on Level 2, with Visual Merchandising tableau and directional signage to get you there. But is it still impulse buying if you saw it on Level 1, and navigated to Level 2 to complete the purchase? While you ponder that, you must agree it […]

Contemporary Dressform Bottom Feature August 24

Contemporary Over-the-Top Bottoms Merchandising

If leggings, shorts, and pants are your focus, you may only need half a mannequin or dress form to achieve your merchandising and display goal. Thess contemporary design achieves that goal while appearing thoroughly modern in concept and design. See from a variety of angles and distances in the gallery of images. Compare and contrast directly… […]

Contemporary Table-Top Headform Core Feature August 24

Contemporary Spun Metal Creates Headform Design

A full headform is not always necessary for cap and hat display. This abbreviated headform core is a minimalist substitute that looks good even if caught naked. The core seemed to be Spun Metal, but I am sure a Metal Stamping would be equally functional, if not quite as good looking. Inspect via the gallery […]

J Jill Catalog Literature Holder Feature August 21

J Jill® Catalog is Stylish Store Entry Takeaway

Wether you are a shopper, or front-entry passerby, you are encouraged to take a little of J Jill® with you in the form of a Catalog. The dispensing pedestal is simple and compact, but adding a framed catalog atop makes it clear what the outreach is. #   #   # For Catalogs In-Store retail […]

Robert Graham Pop-up Fitting Room FEATURE August 19

Robert Graham® Rolls-Out Pop-Up Fitting Rooms

With such a popular brand, retail space at Robert Graham is maximized by use of Pop-Up Fitting Rooms. No permanent loss of space to the necessity of try-on. Just pull the curtain for a bit of privacy. And yes, I made a Robert Graham® shirt purchase. No use wasting a perfectly good FixturesCloseUp visit. Check out […]

Robert Graham Mannequin Takes a Break Feature August 19

Robert Graham® Mannequin Conveys His Casual Style

Robert Graham® says “casual” as it’s style with this Mannequin caught relaxing in a quite corner of the store. The pose is relaxed, but bright colors and brilliant Robert Graham® styling are attention compelling nevertheless, and the space “sells” even though hidden. Inspect the merchandise and mannequin’s relaxed posture in the gallery of images.   […]

Robert Graham Keuffel and Eser Ruller Feature August 19

Robert Graham® Calculates Style With Vintage Slide Rule

Some might think this a Back-To-School visual, but since I haven’t seen a Slide Rule since the 1960’s the visual’s impact on Millenias and more modern market segments might be minimal. As Robert Graham® considers the issue, this venerable giant Keuffel and Essser Slide Rule gets a tertiary position in the store’s decor. Still no hiding […]

End of Season Sale Styles 50% Off August 18

End-Of-Season Styles Only On Sale by Entry Easel

A light-weight entry Easel pitches a 50% Off End-of-Season Sale, but read the lesser print to see that that the discount applies to Sale Styles Only … See Associate for Details. You decide if any customers would find the come-on misleading. But also do have a policy in place for those stubborn buyers who insist […]

Brooks Brothers Back To School Niche Feature August 18

Brooks Brothers® Niche Curls Up With A Good Book

You might debate if small Wall Niches like this effectively grab attention. I think they do (after all Tiffany’s uses these too) but even if not, as FixturesCloseUp I am compelled to report on them and the small scale visual merchandising within. Step through the gallery and other images to see what the well-read Brooks […]

Escalator Drive-By Speaker Visual Merchandising Feature August 17

Super-Size Speakers as Escalator Drive-By Props & Pedestals

If your target market is a bit youngish, music is a big part of life. So why not giant speakers to set the theme for a Visual Merchandising Tableau? Yes, Bluetooth Headphones might be more up-to-date, but these Speaker Pedestals better convey the mood and age group from a distance. And construction far easier than giant […]

Spanx Sale-ebrate Feature August 17

Summer Sale-ebration Promotion At The World of Spanx

The World of Spanx® is the constant overhead tag line, with a swap-out of themes below to suit the season and freshen the merchandising appeal. In this case Sale-ebrate hints at better than normal savings, with the side panel of display platform the sign substrate. No use wasting areas with such high visibility, though low […]

Fight Like A Girl T-Shirt Merchandising Feature August 16

Fight Like A Girl Makes A Great Promotional T-Shirt Tag Line

There might have been a time when “Fight Like A Girl” was a disparaging comment. No more. I find girls more likely to fight no-holds-barred than by Marquess of Queensberry Rules. So while I admire the spirit, I stay away from fights with girls (including my wife) where “going Nuclear” quickly becomes an option. The […]

Summer Hat Rack Feature August 12

Summer Hat Tree With Plywood Platform Arms

A mobile Hat Tree is the perfect rack for presenting Summer Headgear. Surprising that the rack arms are not outfitted with head forms or headroom cores, but square plywood platforms. I would fear that the pointed corners might stretch or damage the merchandise, but maybe not. And just possibly this unit was repurposed from some […]

Polo Sport Freestanding Vertical Signage Feature August 10

Polo Sport Signing Is Vertical Rather Than Horizontal

The long “Introducing Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren” tag line was made readable vertically by shortening and visually emphasizing the “Polo Sport” portion of the message. And by running vertically you insure that your messages is not obscured or cut off by the mannequin. Nice visual layout. The sign a full printed panel, self-supporting with but […]

Polo Ralph Lauren Table Drape Feature 2 August 10

Polo Ralph Lauren® Creates A Custom Table and Drape

Make a stock fixture your own personalized merchandising space inexpensively with a branded Table Drape. Here see that the technique is not beneath Polo Ralph Lauren® when promoting merchandising en masse. Do know that the Drape was sized and sewn to perfectly fit the Table beneath. So were both provide by Polo to go hand-in-glove? […]


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