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Mr Soul Mrs Mate 1 July 25

Capitalizing On The Androgynous Appeal of Mr & Mrs SoulMate

Soul Mates for sure is the window dressing message here, not really requiring any intense fixture support. I did feel the twin mannequins a bit asexual and androgynous, putting little emphasis on the “Mrs Mate” aspect. Still in todays LGBT society, that may have somehow broadened the sale and appeal. Compare and contrast… “Capitalizing On […]

Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Pipe Fitting Feature July 25

Pipe Fitting Fixtures for Ralph Lauren Denim Supply

The crackle-finish Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Signage having been reviewed earlier, my eye now traveled to the Pipe Fitted racks of this self-contained display. A base, backdrop of window panels and the over-arching masthead defined the space. Iron Pipe created the rack and merchandising componentry. Interesting choice of consistent Brown finish for non-sign elements. Step through […]

Skydiver T-Shirt Merchandising Feature July 24

Cross-Selling Trendy T-Shirts To Skydivers Two Ways

Yes, skydiving as high-end Service and Entertainment Retail is a rarified (pun intended) channel for merchandising. But don’t loose sight of the extra profits to be made from cross sells, memorabilia, and specialty items. Here at Pocono Skydivers there are at least two cross sells to Skydiver T-shirts: one via antique wood wardrobe, the other clothes-hangared […]

Ralph Lauren Branded Sale Sign Holders Feature July 20

Ralph Lauren® Even Brands Its Sale Sign Inserts

Step through the gallery of images to see that small scale sale signage echoes the Ralph Lauren name across the Branded department. A nice touch with more personality that unbranded sales sign promotions. Is there cooperation between Macys® and Lauren®, or might I expect some other brand moniker at the base offering the “Save 20%” […]

Ralph Lauren Barre Bar Display Feature July 20

Ballet Barre As Display Rack For Ralph Lauren®

Yes, though a bit high, my mind nevertheless latched onto this rack as a Ballet Barre pressed into service for Ralph Lauren® display. And while I might be surprised to see a Ballerina at work, I have seen some stretch to this height, so maybe you will accept my descriptor. The chrome bar nicely echoed […]

American Icon Visual Guitar Riff Feature July 18

Merchandising Guitar Riff By American Icons®

American Icons® tag line reads “…only one star brings together the best in fashion, music, and style” while its signage relies heavily on a guitar as primary visual. The balance of the elements as well as details of the fashion proposition are a wealth of small design elements. To me, a rich, Hippy-esque visual proposition […]

Tommy Hilfiger Circular T-Shirt Table Feature July 14

Tommy Hilfiger® Tiered T-Shirt Table Gets Upholstered Touch

Though the central Island is small diameter, the double-tiered surrounds more than make up the desired merchandising space. From a distance all levels of offerings are easily visible, but the bottom tier gets lost on close approach. Though the Tommy Hilfiger Logo is small, the branding is not lost as it echoes on each shirt-front. […]

Best of Umbrella Outfitting July 05

How to Outfit and Merchandise Rain and Beach Umbrellas

A tricky item to outfit. An even trickier item to merchandise. See how others have accomplished the task for both Rain Umbrellas and Beach Umbrellas in separate lists below. If you enjoy this Umbrella retail fixture coverage, you might also try … “Cane Merchandising Index Page” For Umbrella Merchandising fixtures by Title see… “How to Outfit and Merchandising Umbrellas” […]

Mossimo Patriotic Grid Logo Tag July 04

Patriotic Grid Is Outfitted By Mossimo Supply Co®

Betting on a good Holiday Season, Massimo® masses patriotic accents and accessories to fill a Grid Endcap. Scarves, throws, caps and backpacks provide all the accessories necessary to turn ordinary attire into a Patriotic theme. Buy one, tow, or all depending upon your enthusiasm. Upper outfitting is 90º Tip Bar-Mount Display Hooks. Lower are Flatback […]

Mossimo Patriotic Grid Disk Finial Hook Feature July 04

Mossimo® Creates A Disk Finial Flatback Slatwall Hook

One-inch Grid provides a Slatwall-hook comparable backdrop with detail, dimension, and sight-leak mitigation, yet an airy feel. Simple Display Hooks work, but for weightier matters like backpacks and bags, the upgrade to full Faceout is recommended. Here Flatback Slatwall Faceouts spread the load across multiple cross wires. And oversize Disk Finial serves as Front Productstop and safety […]

America The Beautiful Est 1776 Feature July 04

America The Beautiful Established 1776 … On Sale Now!

A bit of a capitalist spin on the founding of the nation, but famous designer hawk their dates of establishment, so why not employ that term for the country? Here lacking any holiday signage, a patriotic carry bag broadcasts its message and tries to draw a crowd to an Endcap of Fourth of July merchandise. Another use […]

Proud to be a Pawtriot Feature July 03

Pet Pawtriot Runway Merchandising at Target®

Tow the patriotic party line with a sequence of Holiday patterned and colored Summer Outfits Runway’d by Target®. And if the Fourth of July Holiday designs don’t appeal, step through the gallery of images to end on a pet-centric “Proud to be a Pawtriot” T-Shirt. I know you agree with the Runway and overhead Space […]

Patriotic Apparel for Girls Feature July 03

Elevated Gondola Is Runway for Holiday Apparel

Heavier duty than a standard Gondola Shelf, this display unit features an elevated Runway Platform for mannequin presentation of girls apparel.  Placed at an aisle intersection and raised on high, it draws attention and traffic to Seasonal and Patriotic Holiday wear. Click through the gallery of images for zooms, and see Runway Platform closeup in […]

Patriotic Swimwear Merchandising Array Square 3 July 03

Patriotic Swimwear Merchandising For The Fourth

Short of flags, banners, and bunting? Try using your patriotic Fourth of July merchandise as festive decoration itself. Here massed swimwear projects the holiday theme. And Patriotism doesn’t end with the Holiday, so scattered about these offerings will still find themselves a home as the Summer unfolds. Worse case scenario, you can try an end-of-season […]

Dior In Pink PVC Feature June 22

Dior® Window Dressing Pipe Dreams in Pink PVC

I am sure these Dior® Pink PVK pipe constructs were a creation nightmare for the Window Dressing Staff. But they are perfect for the many admires of the tightly focused PVC outfitting thread here on FixturesCloseUp. But don’t worry, I will simultaneously cross file under Dior® fixtures and merchandising in case you lean more in […]

Robert Graham Window Cactus Feature June 21

Electrified Cactus Grows Brand at Robert Graham®

  Of course, I love (and wear) Rober Graham®, and see transplanting and electrifying of Cactus for window display as yet another of his outrageous ideas. Ideas that brand the line with its playful and unexpected nature. And even if not seen in the Desert Southwest, a Cactus implies sun and hot weather, and that […]

Lacoste Departmental Branding Square June 20

Lacoste® Takes a Bite Out Of Departmental Branding

    Aggressive like its alligator (crocodile?) visual namesake, Lacoste® marks and stakes a claim to its Departmental territory. Sometimes the Lacoste® Mascot is simply a silhouette, but here scale detail is added along with a fleshy red mouth. See from various distances in the gallery of images. Then follow Lacoste fixtures, branding, and outfitting […]

Fish Fashions Feature2 June 16

Fishy Fashions Parade On Their Own Raised Pedestal

I like the fashions, but I enjoyed the fishes on uprights and artfully rendered pedestal platform even more. The pedestal presentation and scale was perfection. As for the fishies, I would have rendered them larger and given a greater role in the visual merchandising. But that is only if presentation the overriding goal. Thinking sales […]

Dress Shirts Geared For Action Rack Feature June 16

Gearing Up Visual Merchandising for Dress Shirts

Pardon the headline pun, but it fit perfectly as gears, sprockets and wheels create a mechanical backdrop for Dress Shirt presentation. A manly, modern art visual addition to be sure. Gears and such are available from salvage and scrape yards, but you might also cut your own from wood or other substrate. No need to […]

Dress Shirt Bow Tie Easels Feature June 16

Dress Shirt and Bow Tie Table-Top Stands Are Angled

  Colorful Dress Shirts with complimentary Bow Ties actively engage when presented by Angled Table-Top Pedestals. Acting like easels they elevate and orient the merchandise drawing shoppers closer to browse the adjacent offerings and those just beyond. Much of the attraction is due to the colors, but the Pedestals are equally important, if o silent salesmen. Browse the […]


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