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Safe Timelock Dyebomb Point-of-Purchase Feature May 21

Security Safe Door Broadcasts Direct Threat to Burglars

This Safe Door Warning in red addresses final uses and burglars directly, but also serves as safe Point-of-Purchase callout in a Locksmith Shop. A timelock adds additional uncertainty ofr safecrackers, but the dye bomb is the deal breaker. So if the safe doesn’t deter on its own, the additional safeguards might. See from all angles in […]

Wall Safel Display Slot Mounts Feature May 21

Wall Safe Slot-Mounts in Retail Security Display

Slotted uprights allowed for shelf- and Wall Safe Mount at various heights. And while used in retail here, the Slotted Safe Backers might also allow easier Wall Mount in final use, just bolt or nail to studs, and drywall. Take a tour of this application via the gallery of images. See that branding or a […]

Anti-Theft Restroom Stall Feature May 21

Anti-Theft Restroom Stall Outfitting Guarantees Integrity

If shrink and pilferage is a problem in your store, thank god you are not this retailer. Even the Restroom Stall doors are heavy-duty hinge outfitted with One-Way Irreversible Screws to stymie stealers. Step through the gallery of images to get an idea of the heavy-duty nature of the hinges. But don’t make the mistake […]

Spyder Branded Better Than Item Protected Closeup May 21

Anti-Theft Overwhelms Product Brand and Shelf Presence

Is it me, or does having and anti-theft Spyder® compete with  your brand bug you too? The Spyder® brand get more visibility than the QardioArm Wireless Sphygnymometer (product naming peeves covered elsewhere). Why can’t a Spyder® like this be rotated 90º around the pack so that it rides on the sides and does not cover the […]

Seats Security Tethered 3 March 04

Security-Tethered Seating In-Store

Be glad that you do not retail in a neighborhood where even in-store amenities like customer seating are at risk of theft. These simple inexpensive chairs are security-tethered to the tile floor to dissuade theft. Tethers might be just long enough to allow mopping beneath before replacement. Step through the gallery of photos for a […]

Table-Top Built-In Security Teather Anchor Closeup Aux February 19

Hidden Security Table-Top Tether Anchor

These Display Tables seemed destined for Designer merchandise display, featuring a recessed hidden anchor for Security Tether attachment. Here the protected purses are a matched set of Michael Kors® though the anchors surely long for MCM®, Fendi®, Gucci®, Prada® and other. Check the thumbnail for alternate function view. Browse the gallery photos for customer-centric views. […]

Security Tethered L-Occitane Fragrance Samplers Main December 07

L’Occitane® Security Tethered Testers

A rare and expensive L’Occitane® men’s cologne this must be to merit security tethers for individual samplers. As the display promises, it truly must be the perfect fragrance for him. Click the thumbnail for overview and see that three testers are tethered so that samples don’t walk away. I forgot to test tether length or return […]

Triple Tethered Michael Kors Security Main November 18

Triple Tethered Michael Kors® Purse

The Michael Kors purse is triple tethered and anti-theft equipped to dissuade even the most committed shoplifter. Though security a bit overdone, see that tethers and devices in grey match the purse side accents, and therefore do not scream “Do Not Touch.” Had you ever considered your in-store anti-theft as Visual Merchandising accents? CLICK the thumbnail […]

Tethered Purse Charm Overview November 18

Purse Charm Tethered

Though already inside a glass case, this very attractive Purse Charm was still considered a “flight risk” and tethered with anti-theft device regardless. I admit its a very enticing charm in its own right, but glass case enclosure should have done the anti-theft trick. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup. Would or do you go […]

Expanded Metal Secured Backstock Closeup November 13

Expanded Metal Grating Secures Backstock

Very business-like but very secure, grey Expanded Metal Mesh guards expensive GPS and iPods while still allowing visibility of unit contents. Possibly not pretty, but then it was behind the scenes in retail so little matter. CLICK the thumbnail for alternate image. Know the unit was padlocked. And be forewarned that FixturesCloseUp inspectors are not […]

Hook and Jewelry Pattern1 October 15

Express® Jewelry and Hook Patterns on Slatwall

Someone decided to get playful with the hook and jewelry patterns go on a Slatwall Island. Or possibly inventory was low after a sale weekend and space needed to be creatively filled. Whatever the cause more care was taken than usual to create a pattern in the merchandise on these designer Anti-sweep Hooks. CLICK the thumbnail […]

Express® Patterns in Hooked Jewelry on Slatwall

Normally a store strives for maximum density in retail merchandise. This results is less-than-inspiring cheek-to-jowl product arrangements. But occasionally product offers the opportunity for a more visual arrangement as here. Either that or store staff took to toying with presentation on a slow business day. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate view. Hooks are Designer […]

Hook Patterns in Jewelry October 15

Anti-Sweep Hook Patterns in Jewelry at Express®

Retail space is so valuable that stores rarely can create spacious displays with interesting fixture and item arrangements. Here the outward face of a display is arranged artistically, to draw traffic. While the sides are stocked densely to merchandise as much as possible. CLICK thumbnail for a better view. Outfitting is Designer Anti-Sweep Single-Prong Display Hooks […]

Property of Rite Aid® RIFD Security Tag September 06

Property of Rite Aid® RFID Security Tag for Abreva®

In case the RIFD aspects of this Security Tag fail, it still very clear states to any who find the merchandise that it is the property of Rite Aid®. Though a tag concept I had not seen before, Rite Aid nevertheless made its ownership known and would know if others used. I can’t imagine any […]

Lilly Pulitzer® Branded Mall Security

A custom pink paint job makes this a one-of-a-kind raffle offering of a Lilly Pulitzer Bike. It would bring a bit of joy to someone while heightening awareness of a serious cause, Breast Cancer. Though moved around the mall in an impromptu fashion, I think it could have been enshrined on an elevated pedestal for […]

Security Tethers Ruin Wireless Headphone

  Why, you might ask, does a display for wireless headphone so prominently feature wires? Yes, without the security tethers many a wireless headphone might just walk away. But with so much tether you had better pump up the word “Wireless” in the point-of-purchase display. Or better yet, use chain as the tether because it […]

Back Tag as Help, Security, or Stockout Ploy?

A contrasting blue front tag suggests “See A Customer Specialist” on this item, but is it a Help, Secrurity or Out-of-Stock stratagem? Maybe this item requires technical guidance or cautions when considering? Maybe it is highly shoplifted so kept out-of-sight under lock and key? Maybe the store just ran out, and seeing a Sales Associate […]

Magnum® Pliers Try-Me

One of the better designed Try-Me stations I have encountered. Multiple benefits are highlighted with the Hex-Nut-shape echoed throughout as graphic theme. Various style and size Hex Nuts are provided along with the Kobalt® Magnum® Pliers allowing you to try your hand at the tool. If you try it, you may like it. CLICK the thumbnail […]

Kobalt® Triple-Tether Anti-Theft

If your merchandise naturally breaks into three units, maybe your shelf-edge try-me tool requires triple anti-theft tethers for security. CLICK the thumbnail to see that the tethers work in combo or alone. Blue Kobalt branding helps identify the manufacture. And the Try-Me demonstrates key benefits … the massive easy-use rubber grip of the combined tool, […]

Bell Jar the Unexpected

Though in actuality a photographer’s still life, this composition ties well with the FixturesCloseUp Bell Jar thread, and illustrates that Bell Jarring can be can be an unusual and  effective display strategy. Would you think of anything like this on your own? Maybe you can employ the technique to good effect with something unexpected in your retail channel. CLICK […]