A&F New Arrivals Easel Closeup Detail Square August 28

Abercrombie & Fitch® Easel Brands Its New Arrivals

The merchandise is the message in this Abercrombie and Fitch store-entry Easel use. The easel itself is contemporary design, the message framed, and a very straightforward “Jeans $39” as “New Arrivals.” Thumb through the gallery and images for details and do note the escape clause: “Select Styles, While Supplies Last” Note the A&F logo as branding. Follow […]

Sidney Thomas Easel Feature August 28

Signboard Says Well-Established And Here to Serve

If an entry Easel is too casual and seemingly transient, an entry sign might be more in keeping with your outreach and brand. It says less of “on sale today” and more of “well-established and here to serve always.” That can and does make a difference, as here for Sidney Thomas® Jewelers. Step through the […]

Curlicue Easel Feature August 28

Simple Curlicues Are Entry Easel Finishing Touches

Wire forming Metal Rod takes a bare tripod and elevates to a simple, yet more finely finished store-entry Easel. I am sure the approach saves on operations and manufacturing costs, with a result that is still good looking. Inspect more closely in the gallery of images.   Follow curlicues at… “Simple Curlicues Are Easel Finishing Touches” […]

Contemporary Easel Feature August 28

Contemporary Easel Fit and Finish Design Details

  A contemporary concept store entry Easel might better convey the trendy aspects of your apparel offerings. Plus traditional Easels are so, so … well traditional. This modern design offers all the traditional bells-and-whistles, so no reason to go modern if it suits your branding and outreach strategy. Step through the gallery of images to […]

Macys Bridal Registry Feature August 27

Top Reasons For Your Bridal Registry At Macys®

If you have a great deal to offer, you best communicate the entire list. Other in-store displays may pitch Macys® Bridal Registry with flash and fashion, but when you get down to the brass tacks of it, this framed itemization should close the deal. A gift registry at Macys offers wider choice and extra benefits […]

Linea Donatella I Do Vertical Display Square 1 August 27

Linea Donatella® Wedding Gift Registry I Do

Vertical Signage promotes the “I Do” proposition and supporting Linea Donatella® Wedding and Gift Registry. Actual frilly lingerie softens the pitch and suggests what might be added to the registry. Tour the display in the gallery of images and the other aspects of the merchandising in the links immediately below.   Follow Linea Donatello at… […]

Linea Donatella I Do Bridal Wear Feature August 27

Linea Donatella® Bridal Livery Lingerie Ensemble

Merchandise draped mannequins fill out this Linea Donatella® proposition by displaying Wedding Registry items you won’t find just anywhere. These are embroidered with identifiers for the bride, but one wonders if there is a male counterpart in the full registry of items. Check out in detail in the gallery of images. Follow all elements in […]

Linea Donatella I Do Lingerie Cake Slice Boxed Feature August 27

Linea Donatella® Wedding Cake Boxed Lingerie

The “I Do” can have many meanings, but lingerie boxed as slices of Wedding Cake narrows and focuses the meaning. The entire proposition is multi-layer and multi-faceted with the wedge-shaped boxes staked cake-like only part of the merchandising. Step through the gallery of images and related linked threads below. Follow Linea Donatello at… “Linea Donatella® […]

Mix N Match Hand Creme Chalkboard Feature August 26

Mix-N-Match Hand Cream Is Chalkboard Pitch

Being a guy, I am stupid about skin care. So maybe it is possible that your left hand needs different treatment than your right, hence the attraction of a Mix-N-Match Hand Creme promotion. Then again maybe it’s hand vs foot, or face vs buttocks that require the differing salves. In any event it was a […]

Formal Black Tie Store Closing Feature August 26

Black Tie Dress For The Ultimate Formal Store Closing

Don’t drop your style standards just because you are closing a store. Make it a formal, Black Tie affair and go out in a blaze of style and fashion. Signage was informal and do-it-yourself while the presentation was not. Follow store closings at… “Saks® Store Closing At The Short Hills Mall, Chatham, NJ” “Sakes® Store […]

Marc Jacobs Decadence Fragrance Clutch Feature August 26

Marc Jacobs® Fragrance Clutch As Miniature Carry-On

Many women shop fragrances by the premiums offered. Often the promotion is a bag, but here Marc Jacobs® carries it to an extreme with a miniature Clutch with Purse Charm as fragrance carry-on. It is all the more unusual when most other fragrance premiums are oversize bags or large carries. Click through the gallery of images […]

Mirror Tripod Amenity Square1 August 26

Chrome Tripod Mirror Outfits The Jewelry Counter

I am not sure if “tripod” is the anatomically correct description, but this mirror is three-legged after a fashion. And speaking of fashion, fashionable it is in support of Jewelry Counter sales. And while large and generously outfitted, it seems visually recessive within the Jewelry Department, maybe because the chrome finish reflects and refracts the […]

Christmas Merchandising Whitepaper August 25

Free Retail Seasonal Whitepaper: The 2016 Holiday Shopper

Want to get a running start on your 2016 Holiday Merchandising? Get all the insights you need from RetailWire Resources and “The Holiday Shopper: 2016 Seasonal Whitepaper.” Be sure to tell them all that FixturesCloseUp referred you, that way they’ll keep me on their mailing list … and I can tell you in a timely fashion whenever […]

Impulse Buy Navigation Feature August 25

Impulse Buy Navigation: This Way To Ralph Lauren On Level 2

Here impulse buying is important enough to merit a separate department on Level 2, with Visual Merchandising tableau and directional signage to get you there. But is it still impulse buying if you saw it on Level 1, and navigated to Level 2 to complete the purchase? While you ponder that, you must agree it […]

Headphone Mannequins Features August 25

Target A Modern Market Niche With Headphone Mannequins

If your clientele is commonly seen wearing headphone and earphones, maybe you should include the look in your Visual Merchandising to reach out to that market specifically? Here backpacks are the main sell … or is it the headphones after all? Your choice of colors it would seem. Step through the gallery to browse … stop by […]

Pocket Truck Stop Guide In Literature Pocket Feature August 25

Pocket Guide to Truck Stops Rides Literature Rack Rails

Digitally map equipped via cellphone and in-car navigation, I might not consider a paper map, but I would consider something as insightful as a Pocket Truck Stop Guide. Often gas is cheaper, food better, and the Travel Center stocked with more interesting merchandise than a humdrum, communalace convenience store. Used as bait, these Pocket Guides are front-rail add-on […]

Map Literature Rack Feature August 25

Comprehensive Approach To Travel Map Merchandising

For Travel Centers, Literature Racks are customized as comprehensive Map Merchandisers, to good effect. After all, with every cellphone a navigation device, Maps, Atlases, and Guide Books had better reach out to you if you are to consider the additional purchase. In most cases, I love searching a digital document for something specific, then prefer the analog […]

Otter Box Size Determination Samples Feature August 24

How To Select Otterbox® SmartPhone Protection

Which size and style Otterbox® protection does your SmartPhone need: Defender or Symmetry? Shoppers have a much better idea upon seeing these dummy demo cellphones as part of a Otterbox Point-Of-Purchase display. Take my word for it that a photo of the phone has nowhere near the effect of a real physical object. Walk through the display […]

Contemporary Dressform Bottom Feature August 24

Contemporary Over-the-Top Bottoms Merchandising

If leggings, shorts, and pants are your focus, you may only need half a mannequin or dress form to achieve your merchandising and display goal. Thess contemporary design achieves that goal while appearing thoroughly modern in concept and design. See from a variety of angles and distances in the gallery of images. Compare and contrast directly… […]

Contemporary Table-Top Headform Core Feature August 24

Contemporary Spun Metal Creates Headform Design

A full headform is not always necessary for cap and hat display. This abbreviated headform core is a minimalist substitute that looks good even if caught naked. The core seemed to be Spun Metal, but I am sure a Metal Stamping would be equally functional, if not quite as good looking. Inspect via the gallery […]


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