Bell Jar Assemblage At Pottery Barn Feature Clock August 30

Bell Jar Merchandising Assemblage At Pottery Barn®

With many versions on display it is tough to say whether all these Bell Jars are part of the merchandise, or if some are for Visual Merchandising emphasis. But the assemblage was interesting enough to draw the attention of this wandering fixture photographer. Browse the assortment yourself in the gallery of images then follow Bell […]

Eileen Fisher Omni-Directional Floor Graphic Feature August 30

Eileen Fisher® Floor Graphic Goes Omni-Directional

The floor graphic itself is simply “Eileen Fisher” spelled out in sans serif type, but “cater-corner” placement permits repetition in all directions for maximum outreach. All implementations were flush-left-and-right with perfect letterspacing and kerning, suggesting the graphic arrived as a carrier-based point-of-purchase support from Eileen herself, rather than laboriously hand placed by the retailer. Follow […]

Eileen Fisher Singular Floor Graphic Feature August 30

Eileen Fisher® Floor Graphic Is One-Directional

Eileen Fisher introduces herself here as floor graphic, so that you know just who created the flowing apparel just beyond. Glass vase hues foreground and hangered blouses background unify the presentation. Eileen Fisher typography is perfect … flush flush-left-and-righ, with letterspacing and kerning. Imagine if it were irregular and crooked? Not good for brand image or business. […]

Cupcake Grab N Go Feature 2 August 30

Cupcake Vertical Flightline Is A Grab-N-Go Success

Four levels launch individually packaged Cupcakes into flight, all for less than a buck. Business seemed brisk, and the price though attractive, seemed to produce a nice profit. Hopefully individual clamshells did not affect that too much. My suggestion, stick the label on the bottom to enhance visibility. I already know a cupcake will push my calorie […]

10 Corso Como Milan August 29

50 Beautiful Concept Stores From Around The World Reprise

FixturesCloseUp fills just that, the small niche of closeup review of retail fixtures, visual merchandising, and point-of-purchase. As such it focuses on the individual elements that go together to create the selling floor. But as part of FixturesCloseUp Clip Service, here is excellent reporting at a larger scale, profiling the “50 Most Beautiful Concept Stores […]

Balloon Ceiling Corral Dollar Place Feature 2 August 29

How to Merchandise Helium Balloons Naturally

Since Helium-filled balloons want to take flight away, why not use that natural tendency to merchandise in-store? This light-weight PVC frame could easily be Do-It-Yourself outfitting. The Balloons do not fight to escape, though barely visible Fishing Line does stectch across the open expanses to make sure of that. Check out one of the tighter […]

Table Top Balloon Tree 3 August 29

Reaching New Heights In Balloon Tree Merchandising

A Table-Top Balloon Tree height falls perfectly between tall Full Floor Stand and short Gondola Top Mount sizes. It fills such a logical merchandising niche that I am amazed this is my first encounter with the design. Branching quivers offer the Balloon treats. Sorry no Helium however. Step through the gallery for various views. Found […]

Toyota Square Balloon Sales Celebration Feature August 29

Toyota® Brands Sales Event With Angular Inflatables

An unusual right-angled shape that certainly contrasts with auto aerodynamics was selected to help brand this ToyotaTime Sales Event. But as with all inflatables as attention compellers, motion is the key to drawing a crowd. And all inflatables move and sway easily in the slightest draft or HVAC current. So add some motion to this […]

Rolled Fleece Blanket Merchandsing Feature August 29

Rolled Fleece Throws Call Out For Individual Unrolling

Both package and display technique encourage licensed, rolled Fleece Sports Blankets to present themselves in en masse in shelled display. But it is interesting to note that they are not immediately identifiable as throws, and the supporting signage even spells out the offer: Rolled Blankets. Oh, now all is clear. Do you think an unrolled […]

Back To School Under $3 Feature August 28

Save With Back-To-School for Under $3 Endcap

  Back-to-School needn’t break the bank and these school-theme pencil  headers point the way (figuratively not literally). An Endcap at the Cashwrap, there is no way you can leave without passing by this offer. And the Pencil theme was echoed elsewhere in the store. No 2 or HB lead was not specsfied. Seen at Target. #   […]

A&F New Arrivals Easel Closeup Detail Square August 28

Abercrombie & Fitch® Easel Brands Its New Arrivals

The merchandise is the message in this Abercrombie and Fitch store-entry Easel use. The easel itself is contemporary design, the message framed, and a very straightforward “Jeans $39” as “New Arrivals.” Thumb through the gallery and images for details and do note the escape clause: “Select Styles, While Supplies Last” Note the A&F logo as branding. Follow […]

Sidney Thomas Easel Feature August 28

Signboard Says Well-Established And Here to Serve

If an entry Easel is too casual and seemingly transient, an entry sign might be more in keeping with your outreach and brand. It says less of “on sale today” and more of “well-established and here to serve always.” That can and does make a difference, as here for Sidney Thomas® Jewelers. Step through the […]

Curlicue Easel Feature August 28

Simple Curlicues Are Entry Easel Finishing Touches

Wire forming Metal Rod takes a bare tripod and elevates to a simple, yet more finely finished store-entry Easel. I am sure the approach saves on operations and manufacturing costs, with a result that is still good looking. Inspect more closely in the gallery of images.   Follow curlicues at… “Simple Curlicues Are Easel Finishing Touches” […]

Contemporary Easel Feature August 28

Contemporary Easel Fit and Finish Design Details

  A contemporary concept store entry Easel might better convey the trendy aspects of your apparel offerings. Plus traditional Easels are so, so … well traditional. This modern design offers all the traditional bells-and-whistles, so no reason to go modern if it suits your branding and outreach strategy. Step through the gallery of images to […]

Macys Bridal Registry Feature August 27

Top Reasons For Your Bridal Registry At Macys®

If you have a great deal to offer, you best communicate the entire list. Other in-store displays may pitch Macys® Bridal Registry with flash and fashion, but when you get down to the brass tacks of it, this framed itemization should close the deal. A gift registry at Macys offers wider choice and extra benefits […]

Linea Donatella I Do Vertical Display Square 1 August 27

Linea Donatella® Wedding Gift Registry I Do

Vertical Signage promotes the “I Do” proposition and supporting Linea Donatella® Wedding and Gift Registry. Actual frilly lingerie softens the pitch and suggests what might be added to the registry. Tour the display in the gallery of images and the other aspects of the merchandising in the links immediately below.   Follow Linea Donatello at… […]

Linea Donatella I Do Bridal Wear Feature August 27

Linea Donatella® Bridal Livery Lingerie Ensemble

Merchandise draped mannequins fill out this Linea Donatella® proposition by displaying Wedding Registry items you won’t find just anywhere. These are embroidered with identifiers for the bride, but one wonders if there is a male counterpart in the full registry of items. Check out in detail in the gallery of images. Follow all elements in […]

Linea Donatella I Do Lingerie Cake Slice Boxed Feature August 27

Linea Donatella® Wedding Cake Boxed Lingerie

The “I Do” can have many meanings, but lingerie boxed as slices of Wedding Cake narrows and focuses the meaning. The entire proposition is multi-layer and multi-faceted with the wedge-shaped boxes staked cake-like only part of the merchandising. Step through the gallery of images and related linked threads below. Follow Linea Donatello at… “Linea Donatella® […]

Mix N Match Hand Creme Chalkboard Feature August 26

Mix-N-Match Hand Cream Is Chalkboard Pitch

Being a guy, I am stupid about skin care. So maybe it is possible that your left hand needs different treatment than your right, hence the attraction of a Mix-N-Match Hand Creme promotion. Then again maybe it’s hand vs foot, or face vs buttocks that require the differing salves. In any event it was a […]

Formal Black Tie Store Closing Feature August 26

Black Tie Dress For The Ultimate Formal Store Closing

Don’t drop your style standards just because you are closing a store. Make it a formal, Black Tie affair and go out in a blaze of style and fashion. Signage was informal and do-it-yourself while the presentation was not. Follow store closings at… “Saks® Store Closing At The Short Hills Mall, Chatham, NJ” “Sakes® Store […]


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