Summer Citronella Insect Candle Pails Corrugated Bulk Feature July 22

Citronella Pails Best For Summer Insect Control

A quarter-pallet bulk corrugated offering of Citronella in classic pails stands ready to serve all your outdoor summertime party needs. Though the stack of corrugated is not appealing, the tiny galvanized pails are, so you might make that aspect more visible in your display. The stack cowers in the shadows because I have seen Citronella bleed […]

Unicycle Bicycle Rack Feature July 22

Unicycle Rack Is Boutique Retail Highlight

Seen outside Boutique Retail in New Jersey, these Unicycle-esque outlines serve as Bicycle Rack for normal bikes, tandems, recumbent, as well as unicycles themselves. The benefit is the unique and personalized design adds to the sense of place of the retail cluster. Drive up, walk up, bike up and you find yourself in a refreshingly […]

Bicycle Book Ends Identification Detail Square July 22

Product Identification Challenges At The Shelf Edge

A home for price and product information is typically provided by the retailer at the shelf edge in the form of C-Channel or Label Strips. Upgrades to Talkers and such are also the retailer’s responsibility. But if you have a product requiring even more tender-loving-care don’t overlook on-item ID. Multiple materials and tones, and a […]

Wegmans Heavy Melon Seasonal Beer Feature July 22

Watermelon Ale Is Summer Season Sales Pitch

I’m not sure the thought of a Watermelon infused ale is motivating, but New Belgium Heavy Melon Packaging is a Summery hit. It does make me want something refreshing, and maybe, just maybe I should give this a whirl. Seen promoted at Wegmans® in-store Wine and Spirits Shop. #   #   # For Watermelon retail […]

StarBucks Top-Dog Newspaper Display Rack Feature July 21

Starbucks® Top-Dog Newspaper Display Rack

Offering a traditional newspaper adds an air of sophistication to any coffee joint, as well as an implicit invitation to sit and enjoy that cuppa Joe. Given Starbucks® marketing success I would assume the order of Newspapers was not left to chance, particularly since 3 of the 4 Shelf Levels were pre-labeled. Local readers and news […]

StarBucks Star Trek 3D Chess Travel Mug Display Feature July 21

Star Trek® 3D Chess Board As Starbucks® Display

Starbucks stays trendy with a 3D Tower Display for Travel Mugs reminiscent of a futuristic Star Trek® Chess Board. I’m not sure the directions and levels of movement for correctly facing this display, but any increased level of difficulty might actively engage retail staff rather than bore them with normally mundane product forwarding and restocking chores. […]

StarBucks Grab-N-Go Power Lunch Assortment Sign Square July 21

Starbucks® Grab-N-Go Pack-Your-Own Power Lunch

Think you know best what goes in a Grab-N-Go Power Lunch? Starbucks® supports you with various hand-lettered offerings that you choose in order to pack your own lunch. I’m not sure the Chips, Popcorn or Pretzel aspect is as heathy as the other choices, but maybe you’d find Organic or Artisan offerings when you got […]

Summer Insect Repellent Orange Corrugated Feature July 21

Unbranded Insect Repellent Display in Orange Corrugated

Want to focus attention on a seasonal favorite like Insect Repellent, but your CPM not funding or supporting the effort? Try this. Deploy your own brilliant orange, unbranded corrugated displays and stock as you please for maximum sales. This example features two different “flavors” of Off® … but not a promotional word, logo or icon […]

Michaels July Crafts Calendar Feature July 20

Do-It-Yourself Crafts Calendar by Michaels®

Training in Do-It-Yourself is not just for hardware and building supply retail. Crafts and crafting is the ultimate in artistic Do-It-Yourself, and Michaels supports their customers with a Calendar full of offerings. Whiteboard-based, the schedule and offerings can be changed on the fly. But look close to see that computer printouts of the calendar are […]

Ralph Lauren Branded Sale Sign Holders Feature July 20

Ralph Lauren® Even Brands Its Sale Sign Inserts

Step through the gallery of images to see that small scale sale signage echoes the Ralph Lauren name across the Branded department. A nice touch with more personality that unbranded sales sign promotions. Is there cooperation between Macys® and Lauren®, or might I expect some other brand moniker at the base offering the “Save 20%” […]

Ralph Lauren Barre Bar Display Feature July 20

Ballet Barre As Display Rack For Ralph Lauren®

Yes, though a bit high, my mind nevertheless latched onto this rack as a Ballet Barre pressed into service for Ralph Lauren® display. And while I might be surprised to see a Ballerina at work, I have seen some stretch to this height, so maybe you will accept my descriptor. The chrome bar nicely echoed […]

Curved Corner Stainless Steel Display Feature July 20

Curved Kiosk For High-Speed Snack Sales In A Crowded Concourse

Designed to guide brisk concourse traffic around the Kiosk itself, curved corners present tiered sales opportunities for chilled beverages (top shelf) and salted snack secondaries (bottom tier). Smart arrange by staff positions short offerings in front, with taller calling out from behind. Carbonated, bottled, canned, even fresh smoothies are eager to be served. Stainless steels adds polish to […]

Chicken Pieces Priced Per Each Feature July 20

Fresh Fried Chicken Parts Priced Per Each Right On The Case

Pricing gets no closer to point-of-purchase than these chicken parts pitched handwritten in fluorescent marker on the display case sneeze guard glass itself. Impossible to ignore, it seems to drive sales for the case is empty … not a chicken part to be had. My initial reaction was that this a premium price … but […]

Best of Pet Merchandising July 19

The Best of Pet Merchandising and Outfitting

Pets are a huge part of life. Pets are also a huge part of retail. Browse how pets and owners are treated and pet products merchandised across the many channels of Retail in the categories below. Maybe you will even find a new pet toy for the love of your life, your own pet. # […]

Kate Spade Gold Package Hangs Feature July 19

Kate Spade® Brands Hang Tabs In Gleaming Gold

Just the inclusion of designer gold Hang Tabs, adds brand, visual and pricing value to Kate Spade® iPhone® Accessories. See that the gold tabs echo the gold of the Kate Spade logo and kick the packaging quality message up a few notches. A Tiffany-esque color provides unity across the category offerings and contrasts with lesser […]

Lacoste Table Top Mirror BaabEyewear Feature July 19

Lacoste® Branded Eyewear Mirror Is Understated

An interesting, unbalanced, asymmetrical Miror design, which gives full visual use of the Mirror Panel sans frame. A drop-shadow adds detail, dimension, and defines the Lacoste® branded companion column. Step through the gallery of images and other photos to see the effect of the texture added to the branded column. Seen at Baab Eyewear, Mountaintop, […]

Power Cable Slatwall Bins Feature July 19

Power Cable Choices Abound In Slatwall Bins

I am sure you agree there are too many Connector and Power Cable Jacks in existence. I know I have tons at home, and therefore appreciated the organizing effect of this Slatwall Based Acrylic Bin Merchandiser for electronics retail. I count 24 Bins for as many Coonectors and Cables, Sizes, Colors, and Flavors. And if you […]

Bose Ribbon Matches Bose Speaker Feature 2 July 18

Bose® Ribbon and Bow Brand Its In-Store Speaker Offer

A ribbon and bow always say something special, and are a simple attention compeller for Bose, even if this is not a Holiday Display. The red ribbon fabric and bow matches the red Bose Speaker, and maybe hints any day is a good day for the Gift of Bose … to yourself or to another. […]


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