light-up-halloween-night-nail-polish-graphic-square September 27

Light Up Halloween Night With Glow-In-the-Dark Nail Polish

Halloween Nail Polish and glue-on Nails by the Pallet-load. This is going to help make it a most festive Holiday. Browse the gallery of image for a preview of the riot of color, contrasting against a black corrugated Point-of-Purchase display. Look close to see that even the supporting Pallet is painted black. Follow Nail Polish […]

more-boo-for-you-oct-31-feature September 27

More Boo For You On Halloween, Monday Oct 31.

A high flying inflatable at Walmart promises More Boo For You Monday October 31. Of course if you shop and play your cards right you could stretch the Holiday out into more than a single day of fun. Go ahead, put a bit of effort into it and try. Follow Halloween inflatables at… “More Boo […]

Ultra Cosmetics Brush Endcap Display Square 1 September 27

Branding Ulta Beauty® With Cosmetics Brushes

This Endcap of Cosmetics Brushes uses the bushy product itself to brand the Brushes for the Ulta display. The subtitle is “Your Must Haves!” with an assortment offering broad enough to assure that conclusion. A more spread out display of cosmetic brushes along the gondola median beyond supports and enhances the merchandising possibilities. Seen at Ulta Beauty® […]

Ultra Beauty Cosmetics Brush Lineup Feature September 27

Comprehensive Cosmetics Brush Lineup At Ulta Beauty®

Displaying actual Cosmetic Brushes along the median of alternate Gondola was a wise use of space and dramatic product merchandising at Ulta Beauty. What better way to spread out the full array and selection of beauty aids. Cosmetics themselves were the Gondola and Aisle-front focus. So one cross sold to the other quite nicely. Actual […]

Ultra Smashbox Flat Dimensional POP Display Feature September 27

Smashbox® Cosmetics Dimensional Smashed Flat

Corrugated Point-of-purchase Dimensionals are designed for just that purpose, to be and add dimension. Here that is accomplished with staggered rows of Smashbox product die cuts. Beyond mere die cuts, the silhouettes communicate the shades of Smashbox foundations at large scale. I might have echoed the brand to the cut-outs similar to the wrap-around Skirt […]

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Feature September 27

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Silhouette Smashed Flat

A second silhouetted Point-of-Purchase Dimensional spied at Ultra Beauty, this one in support of Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris. Fold-out Corrugated creates the triangular base and holds the giant Mon Paris reproduction upright. Size and color are the attention compeller here, even though I felt the need for further silhouetting and ghosting of the store […]

harry-potter-cursed-child-half-size-display-feature September 26

Half-Size Harry Potter Pallet Display for Eighth Epic

This Harry Potter display is half the size of many others, but surely not because of any lack of demand. Full-size displays (see below) sell in all directions. This palletized smaller footprint unit takes up less space and sells face-forward to cash register customers across the aisle. Pick up the Eighth Epic … Parts One […]

Ultra Disney Life in Dots Feature September 26

Ulta Beauty Presents Disney Life In Dots Endcap

I am unaware of any movie tie-in, but here cosmetics cases carry the theme of “She saw her life in dots” complete with Minnie Mouse. The true source may be “Tratan and Twine” set small at upper left. Movie or not, trust Disney to find new ways of licensing images for in-store merchandising And note […]

Ultra Beauty Cinema Mascara & Eyeliner Promo Feature September 26

Vertical Color-Coded Mascara and Eyeliner Strategies

The signage them of this point-of-purchase cosmetics display reminded one of Theater Posters from the hey day of technicolor, panovision, movie theater productions. Or maybe you think B Sci Fi Movies from the 1950s. In any even it deserved bit of focus from FixturesCloseUp, along with the product color coding along the vertical edge.  In […]

Ultra Beauty Color Coded Mascara & Eyeliner Feature September 26

Horizontal Color-Coded Mascara and Eyeliner Strategies

Color coded cosmetics here included “Beyond Brown” Beyond Blue” “beyond Black” and “Beyond Purple.” I was not sure if product differentiation, companion product cross sell, or a bit of both. But it echoed both horizontally and vertically in the display. Browse the horizontal component here in the gallery of images. Seen at Ulta Beauty®   Compare […]

Ultra Curling Iron Slatwall Quiver Feature September 26

Slatwall Curling Iron Holsters at Ultra Beauty

A bit loose fitting for actual Curling Iron Holsters, you might elected to classify these as Slatwall Quivers taxometrically. An unusual aspect of display design was the canted armor-insert Slatwall and Angled Quiver Backplates. Sign Holders were angles to parallel the display surface and step back from the product offerings. See a variety of views […]

halloween-skeleton-shelf-sitting-closeup-feature September 25

Halloween Skeleton As Shelf-Edge Merchandising

The shelf-edge is good for more than your Labeling if you have engaging merchandise offerings like these leg-dangling Skeletons. Perched on the edge of Clear Acrylic Pedestals they violate that plane and add dimensionality. Plus they’re dame cute in and of themselves. Seen at Boscovs®. Follow the underlying Clear Acrylic Platforms at… “Halloween Skeleton As Shelf-Edge […]

halloween-pumpkin-riding-pedestal-feature September 25

Pumpkin Riders On Stacked Acrylic Pedestals

Stacked and tiered circular acrylic Pedestals create a tower for Pumpkin Riding Paraphernalia at Boscovs®. A black draped table provides support and the background focus, while the clear acrylic almost disappears. What’s left is the merchandising taking the foreground focus and view. Step through the gallery of images to see this year’s Pumpkin Rider theme. Seen […]

Bakery Delight Party Candle Table Top Spinner Feature September 25

Party Candle Table-Top Spinner With Plug-In Display Hooks

A small-footprint Table-Top Spinner maximizes point-of-purchase Party Candle offerings in a minimum of space. Perfect for a small local bakery where the prime sell is the cakes and baked goods and little space is available for important, yet secondary, cross sells like this. See that portions of the display were picked clean of merchandise. Final fitout was […]

Bakery Delight Minimalist Talker for Diet Cookies Feature September 25

Diet Cookie Split Ring Shelf Talker Merchandising

The prime sell here is the display of delicious cookies. That is compelling in and of itself. But a single lone Split-Ring-Mount Shelf Talker clinches the deal … Diet Cookies. So buy and eat as much as you want with little to pay … other than the $10 per pound. Browse the cookie selection and Shelf […]

Warm French Bread Proofing Cabinet Square September 25

Hot French Bread Grab-N-Go Proofing Cabinet Declined

“Baked in store daily” and “Fresh Guarantee” support the selling proposition of warm Proofing Cabinet and fresh French Bread for $1. The proposal was successful in that the cabinet was more than half sold out. Tough Proofing Cabinets are designed to keep contents at a constant temperature for long periods, FixturesCloseUp wonders how long before […]

Bakery Delight Chrome Apple Dumpling Sign Holder Feature September 25

Oversize Apple Dumpling Sign Frame In Chrome 

Should your Sign Frame and Sign be larger than the item that you promote? Maybe if you need to be seen from a distance, or if the item is not easily recognized for itself. I might not be sure what these Apple Dumplings were, if not for the prominent Sign. Do also know that the Sign […]

skull-on-acrylic-flyover-pedestal-feature September 24

Acrylic Flyover Pedestal for Halloween Skulls

Need to focus attention on your offerings of Halloween Skulls? You have two choices. Elevate on Clear Acrylic Flyover Pedestals or Visual Merchandise with Black Cats. Here Boscovs® does both, but the FixturesCloseUp focus is the Acrylic Pedestal. Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well. The cat did too, apparently. Inspect more closely in the inset […]

halloween-cat-plush-table-sign-feature September 24

Halloween Plush Twin Table-Top Sign Stand With Header

Don’t overlook the added functionality of Headers on your Table-Stand and other Sign Fixtures. Sometimes they are an actual extra design feature. Often you can accomplish just inserting taller material and letting it tower out-of-and-above the regular sign message. Here Boscovs® offers an additional 25% Off via Halloween Header. Plush Cat or Plush Witch, your […]

Bakery Delight Engagement Ring Wedding Cake Topper Feature September 24

Giant Engagement Ring As Bakery Merchandising Prop

The engagement ring is the key to the event, and as visual merchandising prop and cake topper maybe also the key to the Wedding Cake sale at this specialty bakery. What other visual would be as powerful, or in this case, as large. See that the engagement promise is carried through with a Wedding Band as […]