irwin-national-tradesmen-day-feature September 30

Irwin® Branded National Tradesmen Day Celebration

Though I missed the day, I didn’t miss the display belatedly. Irwin’s heroic Vice Grip Fist says pride and power for National Tradesmen Day. The tag line reads “Join us as we say thanks” with all the trades recognized photographically. Irwin positions itself with and for the Trades. Step through the Logo and branding elements […]

fall-floral-display-declined-feature September 30

Fall Floral Endcap Display Steeply Declined

Fall colors are the best. And this declined Endcap displays those colors wonderfully. Open Wire Grid creates the Dividers required. Open Wire Fencing at the ends help contain the affair. Though the angle is steep, wide spaced levels make sure shopper access is easy. See the gallery for zooms. #   #   # For […]

littmans-jewelers-diamond-party-peacock-feather-display-easel September 30

Diamond Party Features Peafowl and Peacock Feathers

Nothing is fancier than Peacock Feathers … except maybe live Peacocks strutting and calling. Here Littman Jewelers uses them to decorate a side table at one of their Diamond Parties offering in-store values as well as Diamond Trunk Sales and on-site, while-you-wait appraisals. Peafowl are Asiatic and Indian, so the African wood carving is just […]

littman-jewelers-vip-fruit-monkeys-feature September 30

V.I.P. Fruit Monkeys Run Amoke At Littman Jewelers

Having a special in-store event? Do make it special as does Littman Jewelers with these Fruit-Carving Monkeys as V.I.P. Amenity. Bizarrely cute they speak out with personality, and guide visitors to the snack table. And while Monkey itself not normally on the menu, these are edible after the cut fruit and other snacks are gone. I […]

littman-jewelers-vip-pineapple-tree-feature September 30

V.I.P. Pineapple Trees Cast Shade At Littman Jewelers

Rough, scraggly Pineapples are the perfect material to create textured, tree-like bark surfaces. And stacked, these Pineapples actually look like trees, palm or otherwise. Though simple in concept, the execution as V.I.P. decoration at a Littman Jewelers Diamond Party, added to the festive theme. Step through the gallery to climb the Pineapple tree. Follow this […]

littman-jewelers-official-contest-entry-feature September 30

Acrylic Ballot Box For Littman Jeweler Store Contest

Glass-like, crystal clear acrylic elevates the tone of this Littman Jewelers in-store contest Ballot Box. And while the contest forms are small and might miss attracting attention, the Ballot Box commands it. I personally entered because seeing the number of ballots in the box, my chances of a win looked good. What was the prize? […]

fall-floral-scarecrow-girl-3facial-closeup September 29

Scarecrow Girl Tends Festive Fall Floral Offering

This wood-stave planter is far too low to grab attention among the taller outdoor displays. Sacrecrow Girl to the merchandising rescue, standing tall, projecting merriment, catching the eye, and leading it downward to the offering. And if shoppers down’t have a flower bed or overhead porch hanger for the potted flowers, they might just take […]

fall-floral-tractor-driver-scarecrow-1 September 29

Fall Floral Do-It-Yourself Scarecrow Tractor Pull

A second interpretation of Tractor outfitted with circular plastic Dunnage Racks upended as Wheels. A circular stack of Dunnage Racks might be efficient merchandising, but upending like this is much more impactful and seasonal in theme. Fall Flowers are the merchandise. with a stuffed Scarecrow to keep the birds and browsing deer away. See the […]

pumpkin-do-it-yourself-dunnage-lazy-suzan-feature September 29

Lazy Susan Dunnage Rack Tower of Fall Pumpkins

So okay, it may not spin, but Lazy Susan did immediately conjure a circular image in your mind, did it not. Tiered, stackable Plastic Dunnage Racks reach beyond the limits of their singular heights in this tall tower arrangement. Bottom tiers accept large Pumpkins. Upper are more tightly spaces and offer Gourds and Specialty Pumpkin […]

littman-jewelers-bracelet-hump-t-stand-feature September 29

Triple-Tier Bracelet Hump T-Stand at Littman Jewelers®

I’m not sure a fixture can be both a Bracelet Hump and T-Stand simultaneous, but I will go out on a limb and say so for this incarnation. I liked that as angled multi-tiers, it had the area and visual mass to sell a quantity without looking like cheap mass merchandising. Step through the gallery […]

double-hump-bracelet-t-stand-feature September 29

Double-Tier Bracelet Hump T-Stand At Cashwrap

You’ve got two hand and two arms. Why not two bracelets and a Double Hump Table-Top T-Stand to sell them?A flat-on-the=table Bracelet Hump may be too low to catch the eye. A single T-Stanf Table Hump might create wasted space beneath. But a Double Hump T-Stand would seem to be just right. Step through the […]

purse-charm-t-stand-at-express-feature September 29

Purse Charm Presentation Via Table-Top T-Hook At Checkout

Now that your’ve bought the main fashion elements of your wardroom, lets not forget the fashion accents like fuzzy Purse Charms (or for those with less creativity, key chains) pitched at checkout vis a T-Stand. A broad square base provides stability and 90º Arm Tips keep charms (or chains) on the fixture. Seen at Express. […]

purse-charm-t-stand-express-feature September 29

Purse Charm Presentation via Table-Top T-Hook

If your Purse Charms are a bit flashy in nature, give them merchandising space of their own with a T-Stand dedicated to a particular style. These tan charms seemed to cry out for separate display, and got it from Express at the checkout counter. Why segregate and focus attention on the tan? Maybe its the […]

penultimate-pumpkin-pail-bulk-bin-closeup-square September 28

Penultimate Pumpkin Pail Bulk Bin For Trick-or-Treaters

Prepared for a Halloween crush of business Walmart rolls out the penultimate in trick-or-treat Pumpkin Pail displays. Access is through the Bungee Corded sides which stretch to allow product to pass through. Inspect construction via the gallery of images. Compare and contrast… “Penultimate Pumpkin Pail Bulk Bin For Trick-or-Treaters” “Bifurcated Bulk Bin for Halloween Pumpkin […]

halloween-ghoul-twine-hang-feature September 28

Twine Tied Halloween Ghoul On A Metal Plate Scan Hook

No self-respecting Ghoul should would suffer the use of non-traditional, artificial materials in its merchandising. So natural Hemp Twine is the Hook hang here not Fishing Line or Cable Tie. Hookery is traditional too, being an All Wire Metal Plate Scan Hook. The only nod to modern marketing is an Extruded Plain Paper Holder for […]

Stock Up Mannequin T-Shirts Feature September 28

Stock Up on T-Shirts and Other Casual Fashions

The “Stock Up” theme is an often  regular at this departments store, but the personalized T-Shirts a first for me. Repeating a sale theme brands it your own and makes more memorable in the public mind. And whether drawn by your off-site advertising or arriving by happenstance, the repetition of the theme provides increased recognition of […]

Ultra Beauty Acrylic Flyover Feature September 28

Ulta Beauty® Acrylic Flyover Table-Top Outfitting

Are your table-top displays too flat and one-dimensional? Maybe a flyover would add depth and an extra level for merchandising product? This acrylic concept does just that and is highly portable to boot. Inspect from various angles in the gallery of images. Seen at Ulta Beauty. Follow Flyovers at… “Acrylic Flyover for Belgique® and Circulon® […]

light-up-halloween-night-nail-polish-graphic-square September 27

Light Up Halloween Night With Glow-In-the-Dark Nail Polish

Halloween Nail Polish and glue-on Nails by the Pallet-load. This is going to help make it a most festive Holiday. Browse the gallery of image for a preview of the riot of color, contrasting against a black corrugated Point-of-Purchase display. Look close to see that even the supporting Pallet is painted black. Follow Nail Polish […]