Keen® Shoe Circles and Squares

Fleetwood Fixtures Keen Shoe Merchandising 5

Image Courtesy of Keen Footwear and Fleetwood Fixtures, Leesport PA

Circular shadowboxes are attention compelling in and of themselves, but Keen® combines circles, rectangles, primary colors, metal, wood, carabiners and more to create a retail presentation all its own. My first interest was the circular shadowbox, but there are plenty of ties to other FixturesCloseUp threads. CLICK the thumbnail to see circular elements echo into freestanding tables, sea chest-like shapes, columns of half-circle shoe shelves, wall plaques and squared trestle tables. Many components seem recycled and upcycled.

EDITORS NOTE: This outfitting found exploring Fleetwood Fixtures website and online design examples. No remuneration changes hands in the creation of FixturesCloseUp posts. I am just on a scavenger hunt both in-store and out for interesting designs and fixtures solutions to share with you. These created by Fleetwood Fixtures for Keen®.

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