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More Than a Chronology, A Fixtures Research Resource

Though it might be informative to enjoy the FixturesCloseUp® Blog merely chronologically, as in “Will he post something interesting, wacky or too dull for words this week?”  But as content builds the Blog becomes database-like in usefulness. Try these approaches to finding fixture ideas and solutions.

  • INDEX PAGES: Accessed from top-level menu above. The goal is to provide a central hub for researching a named thread, and to provide a variety of ways to access threads verbally as well as visually. Individual Index Pages host all Post Titles that relate as well as a link to that page’s Pinterest Board at the bottom. Searching “Index: Term” within quotes will result in a list if Index Pages with the “Term” in the Title. Know that the enclosing Quotes (“”) are necessary.
  • PINTEREST BOARD: For a visual scan of images only, you might find Pinterest Board photo summaries a good way to scout a thread quickly. Note that only one photo from a multi-photo post is represented on the Pinterest Board. So not seeing what you need there might indicate you need to do more detailed research Index Page, Search, or following promising Pinterest Pins to their source.
  • TAGS: A scrollable grid of items carrying the same Tag can be called up from the Tag Menu in the left-hand rail near the top of each individual post. Over-arching Tags include the major retail channels of Apparel, Auto, Drug, General Merchandise, Grocery, Hardware, Housewares, Jewelry, Office Supply, POP (Point-of-Purchase), Shoe, Specialty, Sports and Toy, as well as fixture types and terms.
  • KEYWORD SEARCH: To be effective, use as specific a term as possible to search. Enclosing your search phrase in quotes can sometimes produce a different result than non-quoted search, so try both. Searching “Index: Term” within quotes will result in a list if Index Pages with the “Term” in the Title. Know that the enclosing Quotes (“”) are necessary.
  • GENERAL RESEARCH ADVICE: Be inventive with search and tag access, and use Index Pages and Pinterest Boards creatively.  The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type the complete works of William Shakespeare. (SOURCE: Wikipedia). So should this Blog, figuratively speaking, eventually offer something of value. For now the only thing FixturesCloseUp cannot yet do is whistle “Dixie” … mainly because it is written north of the Mason Dixon Line. But I am working on that.

As Guiding Principles This Blog will…

  • Attempt to post interesting new fixtures or unusual applications of existing fixtures.
  • Post fixtures that form a basis for common sense advice on fixture selection and use.
  • Focus on small scale fixtures not complete displays or the store environment.
  • Be a “rave” not a “rant” though downsides might be pointed out.
  • Be based upon the value of a fixture idea, not be fee or remuneration-based.
  • Be cross referenced by CATEGORY, TAG, SEARCH TERMS and PINTEREST PINS.
  • Include (as necessary) a “Baseline” post, that is, a normal application of a fixture
  • Be updated regularly.

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