J-Hook Backplate Short-Sheeted

Forced to work in this situation by the backing surface, this Short-Sheeted Backplate J-Hook outfits a Slatwire Endcap of socks. I would expect it to often jostle out of position and fall, but saw no evidence the day of my visit. A tall Flat Backplate design would’ve been more appropriate.For Slatwire and J-Hook fixture solutions scroll down. #   … Continue reading

Command Strip® Pin-Up J-Hook

One could wax poetic about the point-of-purchase possibilities of Command Strip®, but alas my mission is to report on Pin-Up and J-Hook Cashwrap solutions like this “as seen in retail.” But it is a clever Cashwrap use of an even cleverer Command Strip design. And when your needs change, so can the Command Strip Hook. I … Continue reading

J-Hook’s Sprout for Christmas

This light-duty two-piece plastic Scanning J-Hook sprouted like Christmas mushrooms throughout a major drug chain. What is noteworthy is the campaign was temporary, but nevertheless employed some nice tricked-out J-Hook design features. Outfitted with a hole for more secure anchorage by pushpin, they were nevertheless quite conveniently equipped with friction fit “grips” that aligned with … Continue reading

Free-Floating Florist J-Hook

No fresh flower department lacks bags and wraps to package and protect the delicate offerings. I appreciated the ability of the Bag Dispenser Hangers to free float across the width of the fixture. This flexibility would allow a greater range of accommodation for bag sizes … and possibly price competative bag suppliers. How would I … Continue reading

Kohl’s® Gift Card J-Hook

Saddle-Mount J-Hooks for Bar creates a large-scale department store Gift Card merchandising display (establishing shot not shown). One obvious advantage might be that the cards are not easily knocked off the hook and onto the floor, if that is truly a problem. However Kohl’s offers a home to all manner of wayward J-hooks. So possibly … Continue reading

KitchenAid® Plug-In J-Hooks

Bar-Mount J-Hook Faceouts already get some play in Cookware merchandising. One wonders if this display flies the KitchenAid® brand by manufacturer design or retailer in-store support. The open spacious display is the good and the bad of it. Open and spacious elevates the item above crowded mass merchandising. But open and spacious can also cut … Continue reading

Ball-End J-Hook for Hang Rod

I went back to this display as an afterthought to capture details of the Hanger Rod Safety-Ball-End J-Hook. The hook alone was worth the return trip. Quality wire forming, quality chrome plating, with a Ball-End flourish for a finial. I’d be proud to produce this item, and were Hanger Rod Hooks or J-Hooks given awards I … Continue reading

Lodge® Hang Rod J-Hooks

Cookware flat on a shelf is no way to get attention. So Lodge® Cast Iron Cookware hangs to appeal to the rugged outdoorsman in-store. Protective of their display turf they use a non-removable J-Hook for hanging. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup behind-the-scenes look. Compare Hang Rod Fixtures at… “Metro® Open Wire Hang Rod J-Hook Redux” … Continue reading

Moleskine® Space-Frame J-Hook

A broad J-Hook hangs from the center of a freestanding vertical space frame for featured items at a Moleskine Store. See that (Via Thumbnail Click) similar space frames project from wall mounts beyond. Sorry that camera flattening of depth of field obscures the positive aspects of such featured display. This seems to be a very interesting … Continue reading

Bird Feeder J-Hook Faceouts

Most often seen in Apparel, these Backward-Facing J-Hooked Waterfall Faceouts are eminently suitable to Wild Bird Feeder display, even if the downward decline is slight. Oversize Heavy-Duty Backplates transfer the load to the Gondola Pegboard Backer. Label Holders are simple Metal Plate for Adhesive Labels, though aftermarket upgrades to Extruded Plain-Paper Drop-In Label systems are easy … Continue reading

Twin J-Hook Has Double Life

What came first. The J-Hook chicken or J-hook egg?  In this incarnation a Double Arm J-Hook clips to Pallet Rack upright. But in another life and use it was a Double Arm Slatwall J-Hook (follow link below). Smart repurposing by the manufacturer … or do you think the retailer added a quick Carriage Bolt to … Continue reading

BCBG® Branded J-Hook

Though metallic, the “flat,” less reflective presentation of this BCBG® logo is recognizable though small. A smattering of logo’d fixtures throughout the store reinforces brand and a sense of place when shoppers engage at a close quarters. Saddle-Mount, this J-Hook allows mobile display and cross sell of accessories like this clutch on a dress rack. … Continue reading

Carpet J-Hook is a Ringer

Naked, this Ring-Back J-Hook leaves no evidence as to what merchandise, samples or collateral it was meant to offer. Given the environment I might guess carpet swatches for color and texture inspection. Hung simply from an upright the hooked samples could be taken down easily for close inspection, but here have somehow walked off. CLICK … Continue reading

Flat-Stock Moleskine® J-Hook

Bar- or Flat-stock fixtures can be more difficult and expensive to manufacture than wireform, and are therefore seen infrequently. That makes a Moleskine® Flat Stock variant of J-hook  newsworthy to FixturesCloseUp. Adding to the uniqueness is an overhead approach to Saddle Mount. Given the fame of the store and its product line, I would have … Continue reading

Chrome J-Hooks Show Polish

Compare and contrast this Slatwall Flatback J-Hook application with “Frontwire Finishing Touch” where a disk finial is used for Belt retention on Saddle-mount Flat Bar Merchandiser Hooks. Keep in mind that the horizontal hook spacing on either display can be spread wide or tighten totally. Neither fixture is right or wrong. It must be judged … Continue reading