Carpet J-Hook is a Ringer

Naked, this Ring-Back J-Hook leaves no evidence as to what merchandise, samples or collateral it was meant to offer. Given the environment I might guess carpet swatches for color and texture inspection. Hung simply from an upright the hooked samples could be taken down easily for close inspection, but here have somehow walked off. CLICK … Continue reading

Flat-Stock Moleskine® J-Hook

Bar- or Flat-stock fixtures can be more difficult and expensive to manufacture than wireform, and are therefore seen infrequently. That makes a Moleskine® Flat Stock variant of J-hook  newsworthy to FixturesCloseUp. Adding to the uniqueness is an overhead approach to Saddle Mount. Given the fame of the store and its product line, I would have … Continue reading

Chrome J-Hooks Show Polish

Compare and contrast this Slatwall Flatback J-Hook application with “Frontwire Finishing Touch” where a disk finial is used for Belt retention on Saddle-mount Flat Bar Merchandiser Hooks. Keep in mind that the horizontal hook spacing on either display can be spread wide or tighten totally. Neither fixture is right or wrong. It must be judged … Continue reading

Sideways Slant on J-Hook Design

If your J-Hooks only face up, you are missing a whole dimension of merchandise display. This Twin J-Hook for Pallet Rack faces sideways to accommodate extremely long Piano Hinges that would be difficult to vend in a vertical, up-and-over orientation. A simple fixture solution that I call “Genius.” I hope the designer got a patent … Continue reading

Magnetic J-Hook Goes Mobile

Magnetic Hooks are not unknown. But this one is outfitted with a massive and tenacious base capable of far greater load than a few simple carded items. With this capacity I would consider them for Strip Merchandisers and Strip Rack Mounts. Magnetic makes this J-Hook moveable to any metal surface desired. CLICK the gallery to … Continue reading

Collector’s Edition J-Hook Design

The creme de la creme of  Collector’s Edition Fixtures. This Metal Plate Flat Bar Merchandiser Scan Hook with J-Hook undertones is seemingly machined in toto from a solid block of metal. Lacking proper test instruments I was unable to ascertain the alloy … Titanium? Molybdenum? Palladium? Platinum? I would have stolen it, but I suspected … Continue reading

J-Hook Creates Own Label Mount

The J-Hooks of these Waterfall Hook zig-zag and protrude to create a built-in mount for Right Angle Label Holders. CLICK the thumbnail closeup to compare a J-Hook with Label Holder and J-Hook with Naked Mount. For J-Hook Fixtures by Title see… “J-Hook Creates Own Label Mount” (This Post) “J-Hook Deformed or Misplaced?“ “StainMaster® Portfolio J-Hook” … Continue reading

Toilet Tattoos Sold by J-Hook

This Reverse J-hooked Waterfall Faceout is normally seen in Apparel and Purse Merchandising. Here it has been outfitted for Grid and re-purposed to merchandising graphics for customizing the look of your toilet seat. Again I marvel at others creativity in fixture adaptation, and even mores at marketing tattoos for toilet seats. All my life I … Continue reading

Kiddie-Scale J-Hooks

Scaling down a display to kid-size, means scaling the Display Hooks too. These J-Hooks for Slotwall are perfect miniatures of themselves from the real, larger scale world. CLICK through the gallery for construction details. Compare directly with… “Kiddie-Scale Mirror“ For J-Hook Fixtures by Title see… “Kiddie-Scale J-Hooks” (This Post) “J-Hook Endcap Fit-out“ “Slot-Mount Jewelry J-Hook“ … Continue reading

J-Hook Endcap Fit-out

A Flatback butt-welded J-Hook for pegboard is the perfect solution for this Endcap application. Its flatback provides stability and protects the display surface. The short length minimizes intrusion into the traffic aisle while the J-Hook shape is self-guarding and provides maximum safety.  This is surely a case where the simplest, least-cost solution is the best … Continue reading

Slot-Mount Jewelry J-Hook

This simple J-Hook offers a variety of interesting features. It has a marvelous chrome finish (if Eco-Friendly is not a priority in your outfitting). The J-hook wrap back is extended, which might offer limited anti-sweep protection if the carded merchandise was hole-punched not hang-tabbed. A narrow Backplate allows tight placement if necessary. The chrome look … Continue reading

J-Hooking Jewelry Sans Slot

These micro J-Hooks struck a responsive cord and looked very familiar. See “J-Hooking Jewelry via Slot” for the same design on a slotted surface. Upon cross referencing they are from the same well-respected department store chain, different locations. But obviously someone is on the ball, specifying hooks that work across different displays and store locations. … Continue reading

C-Clamped Shelf-Edge J-Hook

Dramatic black powder coat truly makes this accessory stand out amid lighter color fixtures and lit shelves of cosmetics. A knurled c-clamp base is the shelf edge attachment. Some might fear the safety aspects of a rigid fixture like this extending out into the aisle. But see that the shelves step back as they increase … Continue reading