Bun Cross Sell At Deli Counter February 14

Bakery Cross Sell at the Deli

This low, almost Dunnage-Rack-like Metro Super Erecta Shelving Unit is a great Bread and Bun fixture for the Deli. The low profile keeps it from obscuring the main merchandise in the Deli Case, yet customers could not leave without the baked-goods-half of their sandwich or sub. Seeing how good it looks, I would front the […]

Tile Holder as Sign Stand February 14

Tile Stand as Out-of-Stock Sign Holder

Far better to use this Tile Displayer to present actual Tile Samples for customer inspection. But adhering a sign underneath keeps the stand working in part if your Sample grows legs and walks away. Far better than an “Out of Stock” or “Sample Missing” message. Maybe the price was just too good to resist? CLICK […]

Arctic Gear Ice Scraper Slatwall Hook CloseUp February 13

Arctic Gear® Slatwall Sell

Don’t forget your cold-weather Arctic Gear® says, this 12 foot run of store-exit Slatwall fully stocked with a variety of ice scrapers, snow brushes, windshield squeegees, and compact emergency snow shovels. All carried the Arctic Gear® logo, and if you gotta brand for Winter, what better name? As everywhere in a Bed Bath and Beyond®, […]

Why Not Try A Book Chalkboard Promotion 440 February 13

Sell against Digital With Analog Benefits

Sell against Digital With The Benefits of Analog. A traditional Chalkboard retail promotion, that goes above and beyond the call of duty actually listing the the benefits of an analog book purchase over digital online read. The humor adds to the appeal and memorability of the approach. Credit for the retail observation and image go […]

Simon Mall Properties Ready to Charge Overall February 13

Simon Properties® In-Mall iDevice Charger

As an owner of better, upscale malls, Simon Properties® (range #1 in the USA) takes care of customer on-site iDevice charging needs with Logo branded Charging Stations like this. This one face alone offers 4 USB Ports and 3 standard three-prong grounded electrical outlets to satisfy any charging need. Double the capacity by adding in the […]

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Point-of-Purchase Main February 13

Polaroid® Selfie Stick Merchandising

Polaroid® goes all out. Don’t just get a Selfie Stick, go high-tech with a Polaroid Bluetooth Selfie Stick. No more old fashioned mechanical button pushes, or audio-port plug in control. Go straight Bluetooth in your Selfie taking. Know that this means your Smartphone need not even be mounted in the Selfie Stick to be triggered. […]

Hooked Merchandiser Strip Naked Main February 13

Peg Hooked Merchandiser Strip

If I were a brand manufacturer, this might be the the Merchandiser Strip I sent you pre loaded. It bristles with product, though also with (possibly prickly) Plastic Hooks. As a retailer would I choose a Strip Merchandiser this spiny? I don’t know. Other than my theoretical question, it was a well crafted unit. I […]


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